Eek Out The Last Sun-Filled Days Of Summer By Renovating Your Garden

Your garden should be a little haven of tranquility where you can rest after a hard day’s work, enjoy letting the kids out to let off some steam, and have fun while trying to grow some vegetables. With the added pressure of Covid-19 and a global pandemic to deal with, more people than ever have been eager to turn their gardens into sanctuaries. If you are eager to eek out the last rays of summer sunshine, you might need to give your garden a little bit of an overhaul. Take a look at these simple ways to keep your garden fit for the last days of summer.

The Jungle

The weather has been particularly humid this year, meaning that weeds that weren’t there one day were triffid-like the next. Weeding, while tedious, is an essential part of keeping your garden looking neat and tidy. If you don’t fancy getting on your hands and knees, consider investing in a rotavator that will make the weeding process so much quicker and easier for you. When pulling out weeds, make sure you get hold of the root, not just the top, otherwise the weed will appear again within days. Till over your soil patches and add some weedkiller alongside a soil nutrient so your other plants remain healthy.

If your wanted plants have become behemoths, start pruning. Go slow and try and shape your plants. You want to use shears or secateurs that are sharp and easy to hold. Start thinning out at the bottom before shaping at the top. With your weeding and pruning sorted, your garden will look well coiffed and ready for the end of the summer.


The best way to enjoy the last of the balmy weather is to eat outdoors. Dining al fresco is fun and relaxing. Think abut having a barbecue or two or simply cook indoors and dine outside. You don’t have to spend a fortune on outdoor furniture with trex furniture frontera coupons available to use. You could enjoy huge discounts on some great wooden furniture. Make sure your patio is washed and weeded and get your furniture set up ready for eating out. All you need now is an awning to protect you form the elements and a fire pit to keep you warm as the sun begins to set early. 


If your kids are happier in front of a video game than outside in the garden, you need to get your garden more exciting. Incentivize them with an area to kick a soccer ball around, a sand pit area, a swing or slide, and a veggie patch. Kids adore growing vegetables as the seeds propagate quickly, shoots emerge fast, and the vegetables can be ready in as little as eighty days. This means your kids can get outdoors, plant some veg, watch them grow, and enjoy cooking with you in the kitchen. This means you’ll be able to tear your kids away from their screens and you can enjoy spending some quality time with them at the same time.

Summer isn’t over yet! Follow this guide and enjoy the last few weeks of the seasonal sunshine.