Effective Tips on How to Spring Clean your House

Are you still stuck with winter blues?

It’s time for Spring cleaning and freshening up our homes to better prepare for the hectic seasons of spring and summer. 

Having said that it takes great effort to clean your house from top to bottom.  Not only is it overwhelming, its time consuming too.

So, in this post I am going to share some tips that will make spring cleaning easier for you!

“Spring cleaning is the most important type of cleaning!” says Ilya Ornatov, founder of NW Maids Cleaning Service.

Organize and de-clutter

The first thing that needs your immediate attention is the clutter that’s piling up in your house. There are many things you will find aimlessly lying in your cupboards, corridors, and living rooms. So in order to better organize your house, you first need to sort out, what you really need, and discard what you don’t.  In case of kids, there are many toys that are taking up space in their rooms which they no longer play with or have grown old for. So just discarding unwanted items from your house will provide you with ample space and make it appear cleaner and more organized.

Clean by room

Approaching your spring cleaning by adopting a clean room by room approach is the most effective to deep clean your house in any season let alone just spring. You can also maintain checklists with a record of what areas in your house need effective cleaning and extra attention and which have been long neglected in winters. When you approach one room at a time, you won’t feel overwhelmed, that’s why we recommend to clean one room at a time instead of cleaning the whole house in one go.

Get the family involved (even kids can help)

Every task in the world require an effective team at work. Similarly, when it comes to cleaning your house, it’s a good idea to get your family members involved.  Even the most unwilling helper can create a difference in desperate times. Don’t worry: there are many tactics to deal even with the most reluctant family member, offer incentives or whatever it takes them to help you out.

Use the tools for seasonal chores

Instead of investing in professional services, it’s a good idea to get equipped with the rights tools in order to make your cleaning process easier. Cleaning grills, patios and windows are only done once or twice a year, yet, they still they need to be cleaned vigorously. You can invest in steam cleaners and mops with multipurpose accessories, oven cleaners, mops, cleansing sprays, water buckets, sponges, and disinfectants, etc.

Adopt new cleaning habits

Adopting new cleaning habits also make spring cleaning much easier. Just adopt a 15 minute cleaning ritual after every few days, which includes one or two minute cleaning chores will ensure your house remain cleaned and hygienic all year long.