5 Signs You and Your Partner are Emotionally Ready for a Dog

Bringing home a puppy or a dog may seem like a big life-altering step, but it’s a simple move when you know you are ready. A lot of wannabe pet parents spend hours discussing the practicality of bringing home a dog and how their lives are going to change. Those are good discussions to have. It makes complete sense to divide the responsibilities and understand the depth of the fresh financial burden. However, adopting a little pup is more an emotional decision. No one really needs a dog. You get a dog because you want to and everything else falls into place. Now, the problem with dog adoption is that you need to have the right emotional resolve to take care of the new canine family member. Are you and your partner emotionally ready for a new dog? Following are 5 signs that you are.



Suddenly All the Dog Memes are Starting to Make Sense:

If you are on any of the popular social media platforms then you have probably seen those dog memes. These memes often seem boring and annoying to people who are not into dogs. That’s okay, not everybody needs to love dogs. However, you should be able to start connecting with them at a different level.


You Sigh Together When Watching the Neighbor’s Dog:

Do you guys go gaga every time you get to play with the neighbor’s dog? Well, that’s a good sign. This means both you and your partner are in love with dogs in general. If you want to give it a test run, consider asking permission to babysit their dog.


You Are Looking Forward to the New Responsibilities:

Right from feeding them to going for the everyday poop-walk, the chores associated with taking care of a dog should excite you. You should voluntarily start looking up articles on pet blogs to find pet health advice on the internet. Long story short, you should be looking forward to the chores instead of accepting them as something you need to do to keep a dog.



You Spend Hours Doing Nothing and You Don’t Like It:

The mere presence of a dog can keep you entertained and engaged for hours. If you are bored out of your mind following a hard day at work, then you can use that engagement. This also means that you would have enough time to spare to spend quality time with your dog.


Both of You Have Energy to Spare:

If you have a tough job that keeps you away from home for long hours then canine parenting is probably not your thing. You also need to honestly evaluate if you are too mentally drained out after work to take care of the doggie chores.



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