Tips to Encourage Memory Development in Infants

If you ask me one of the things that I miss the most about my children being young, I think I would have to say “nap time”.  I remember the days when my little babies would allow me to rock them to sleep and set them down in their cribs for a few hours during the day.  I miss that.  Somedays my kids behave well enough that I still get some time during the day to accomplish the household tasks that need to be completed, while other days, not so much.  I learned early on in their lives, that naptime is important for Mommy’s sanity.  Research shows that naptime is also good for the little ones as well!  Today we continue the Summer Guest Blogger Series with Marcie Kenny as she shares with us just how important naptime really is for growing young minds!


Tips to Encourage Memory Development in Infants

The Importance of Naptime for Growing Young Minds


Babies begin to develop their cognition and memory in the womb. The formation of neurons during the third trimester has peaked interests in research and recognition in babes. The following looks at memory development and ways of encouraging learning skills in infants.

I wish to share with you a study on the effects of napping and memory in babies. Scientists have consistently linked sufficient sleep to better memory.  In a single study, researchers launched two experiments.  In each one, the babies are 6 months or 12 months and taught how to take mittens from animal puppets. During the experiment, some of the babies took a nap and some did not.  A total of 216 babies were tested. The researchers then tested the babies to see if they remembered what they had learned after a 24-hour period. The research found that only the babies who had taken naps after the mitten class, remembered what they’d learned, especially after 24 hours.   Study author Sabine Seehagen said: “Its “quite unlikely” that the babies who didn’t nap remember less because they were tired.”

Experimental evidence has revealed the benefit of sleep for infants between the ages of 4 and 12 months. Paediatric professionals recommend an additional 3 hours of rest during the day in combination with the standard 10 to 11 hours that all babes should receive.

Napping helps the brain rest, recover and retain information. Ensuring that your little one receives the appropriate amount of sleep can help facilitate the learning process faster and easier.



Memory is an important neurological function serving as the foundation for future learning and developmental processes. Understanding the importance of memory and ways of improving such skills from a very early age makes it easier for children to grasp information and apply learned abilities in preschool and schooling years. There are many simple ways to ensure that your precious toddler receives the correct amount of daily sleep.  

The best way to get your baby into a good sleeping pattern is to create routine. Structure includes keeping play limited to a specific area or room, providing timely feeds and soothing baby to get him or her to rest and fall asleep at similar times. Before 3 months, infants are forming a short-term memory base and by sticking to the same procedure in familiar settings will help little ones make stronger connections.

Research completed by the University of Sheffield indicated that the activities introduced and participated in before relaxation and rest, are more likely to be remembered than if the infant was wide awake. Reading a book or singing to toddlers before they go to sleep has shown favourable results in improving memory. Naps longer than 30 minutes are more beneficial than short periods of sleep. Consulting with a professional can help parents create the ideal sleep structure for little ones.

Provide your precious baby with the best possible start in life. Learning the benefits of sound sleeping patterns will encourage healthy infant development. Creating environments for sufficient rest has proven supportive of cognition and memory in babies.



At what age did your children stop taking naps?

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