Envy Be Gone! You Too Can Be an “Organized Family”

If your family is one of those that always seems to be running late, always seems to have a messy home, always seems to have too much junk around, then you’re probably used to that envious feeling that accompanies witnessing a family that looks like it has everything together. Yet just because you were disorganised in the past, that doesn’t mean you have to be disorganised in the future! Below, we take a look at an easy to follow five-step guide that’ll have everything in order in no time.



Wait for Motivation

Have you ever tried joining a gym in January? It’s all part of your New Year’s resolution. You go once, maybe twice, and then never again. Why? It’s because your motivation isn’t real: it was dictated by the calendar, not your own thoughts and feelings. The same can be applied to getting your family organized. Don’t do it just when you think you should: wait for a driving force to guide you. Everything becomes much easier when you have an internal flame guiding the way. When it appears, strike, and strike hard!


Get the Family Involved

It’s highly unlikely that you’re the only one that’s contributing to your family’s chaotic home. In fact, it’s most likely that you’re the only one preventing it from becoming an all-out sight of carnage. As such, you’ll be well-served by getting the family involved – and by that, we mean your partner and children. To begin with, you’ll need to get the house in order (more on that later); after that, it’s about making sure that your hard work doesn’t come undone. If everyone’s pulling in the right direction, then it’ll be all the more straightforward to keep on top of things later on down the line.


A Clear-out

It’s not always your fault that your home is chaotic; it’s just that you have too much stuff filling up your rooms and hallways. But let’s think about this for a second: do you really need all the stuff you’re hoarding in the home? We’re going to guess that you don’t. As such, look at getting a bin hire and have a clear-out. You’ll be embracing the minimalist approach, which has been shown to improve a person’s state of mind and make their home much more enjoyable to be in.


Look at Storage Units

However, with that being said, you won’t be able to get rid of everything. You’re allowed to keep some stuff! But for those belongings, it’ll be worthwhile developing a plan that’ll keep everything neat and tidy. There are plenty of innovative storage units available; invest in the best, and you’ll have all your items kept out of sight but within easy reach.


Staying on Top

Once you’ve got your house in order, the key is to stay on top of everything! You’ve already done the hard work once; you don’t want to make it a thing that you need to do over and over again. Everyone will thank you for it!


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