Essential Appliance Checks To Do This Winter

In the winter, our gas appliances and heating really come into their own. We need them more than ever to keep our houses warm, food on the table and a cosy atmosphere. This is why when we come into winter it is more important than ever to run checks on your appliances to make sure they work correctly and that they will not cause any adverse effects to you or the rest of your family.



The increase in demand which our gas appliances face during the winter months due to slow cooked meals and the heating being on during the night can take a toll on our appliances and strain them almost to breaking point. If your boiler does breakdown in the winter it can be huge frustration and leave you having to wrap up in 10 blankets on the sofa. But if we get our boiler checked by a professional such PlumbersStock, we can avoid the headache of the oven shutting down halfway through cooking our beef stew.


Test your appliances for a few minutes at a time to check that they all work and that there are no issues. Ideally you’ll want to be running your tests at the end of autumn as winter is approaching while the weather is still slightly mild. Examine every radiator in the home to see if they bleed out or leak- and if you spot any issues you can rectify them with plenty of time.


Arranging a gas service should be something you consider doing at least once a year. It is important to make sure that your boiler and appliances are in full working order and that they are still safe and secure for you to use.


Always make sure that you choose a reputable gas engineer to check over your appliances- any person who works in the gas industry will be on the gas register– so make sure you check this with the engineer before they begin working in your home.


When you see their gas register card you should be able to see the following things:

  • The start date and expiry date
  • The engineer’s photograph
  • Security hologram
  • Check the back of the card for:
  • Specific competencies
  • The engineer’s qualifications



If your appliances or boiler are not checked for a long time, they could become faulty- and this is incredibly dangerous for you and your family if you attempt to use the appliance. It can end up with you being hurt by the electrical elements of the appliance or you could even end up causing a gas leak.


Remember that it is almost Christmas, and the last thing you want on Christmas day when you are cooking dinner for your family is for the oven to break. Take the time this weekend to get a qualified professional in to check all of the appliances in your home so that you and your family can enjoy the winter and the festive season in comfort, with warming food and a cozy home.


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