Everything Comes Down To Poo!

It’s one of the many fascinations of life if you’re a child, but poop is actually pretty important. It may be a waste product, but you can tell a lot about your body and how you are eating by simply paying attention to the way that your body moves its bowels.



Let’s face it, though, poop is a gross topic. No one wants to discuss their bowel movements in terms of color and consistency. It’s a private matter for most people and yet the number of people who don’t understand how their bowel movements could tell them a lot about themselves is staggering. Toilet humor is a big area for comics, but it’s what you find in the toilet that’s going to indicate how healthy you truly are. Stool is formed in the large intestine of the body as waste after the body extracts the nutrients in the food that we eat. Nutritional cleansing can help your body to rid itself of the toxins in a bigger way than just forming poop. What is nutritional cleansing? Well, it’s a way of cleaning out your digestive system of stored toxins so that you can feel healthier and get rid of any waste that may be making you ill. To know whether your insides are feeling sluggish or sick, you need to pay attention to those stools. Here’s what you should look for:


Rocks and pebbles are not just found in the backyard. If your poop is shaped like small pebbles and rocks, you’re probably constipated. It’s very clever that the body tries to absorb more moisture by pulling it from the waste as it leaves the body. If the muscles in the large intestines aren’t working properly, you’re more likely to find that the waste is concentrated and cannot pass without pain or difficulty.


Looking for color changes is very important, but sometimes the color change can be totally harmless. Natural and unnatural food dyes in the things we eat can affect the color of our poop, as can an overproduction of iron in the body and medication. Unless the stool is black, bloody or purple, there’s no cause for panic.


Tar-like poop is alarming to see on the toilet paper, but it’s common in people who have too much iron – either from medication or in their food. However, it could also mean that you are bleeding somewhere on the inside of your body. Fresh blood indicates a cut near the exit, and dark or black blood can indicate bleeding further up.


Greasy stool is often a sign of the body’s difficulty in absorbing fat. If you are experiencing it on a regular basis, heading to the doctor to be tested for Celiac disease is a good idea.



Take the time to get to know your body – inside and out – and you’ll be able to spot when a problem arises that you weren’t prepared for. Everything comes down to poop, and from the perspective of your intestines, they’ll thank you later!


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