Big Tasks to Tackle During an Extended Time at Home

At the moment, the world is filled with uncertainty. All over the world, we are facing the challenges that the new novel coronavirus brings. Looking for ways to protect ourselves and our families and help others when we can. Most of us are being advised that the best way to protect ourselves, as well as our wider communities, is to stay at home. For many, this means working from a home office (or the sofa), but for a few, it means taking an extended break from our workplaces. 

This can be worrying. You may have financial concerns, and most of us are feeling at least a little anxious about it all, and there’s no surprise when so little is really known about what is happening, and how long this might all last. But, the act of staying at home, whether you are in self-isolation, or merely avoiding social contact as much as you can, can be difficult in itself. Most of us are used to going out and about as we please. Some of us actually spend very little of our waking hours in our homes, and it can come as a bit of a shock to the system. 

Keeping busy can be a big help. It will help the time pass and keep you focused. It can stop every day feeling the same and give you a much-needed sense of achievement. So, here’s a look at some of the things that you could be doing around the house while you are spending so much time in it. 

Apply for What You Are Entitled to

This is the perfect time to start applying for any money which may be owed to you, or which you may be entitled to. You might need it more than ever. This could be contacting Herring and Herring Law about a personal accident case, or claiming any benefits or payout that are rightfully yours. Don’t be too proud to get the cash that you need. 

Build a Household Budget

While you are looking at your finances, it’s also a great time to build a household budget, giving you far greater control of your money, both now and in the future. 

Clean Your Kitchen Cupboards

Cleaning out our kitchen cupboards is something that we rarely do, but it’s an area that can get dusty and become disorganized. Spend some time emptying your cupboards, cleaning, and organizing. 

Have a Clothes Clear Out

It’s also an excellent time to clear out your families clothes, preparing bags to donate or sell later on. 

Move Some Furniture

Move large pieces of like bookshelves and sofas and vacuum underneath them. You could also clean hard to reach skirting boards, and dust your ceilings and light shades. 

Clear Your Garden

Spending more time in your garden is a great idea when you can’t get out much. The fresh air will boost your mood. But, if you haven’t been out much yet this year, you may have some cleaning and tidying to do. 


Don’t forget to get some rest. We’re all usually so busy, so use this time well.