5 DIY Eye Makeup Tips You Can’t Live Without

In my experience, doing eye makeup is probably the hardest part of my makeup routine. So much so that, if there’s a big event coming up, I might cut my losses and pay someone to do it for me.



Well, that was before I found out these eye makeup tips that make life so much easier. Trust me, by following these you will become the DIY eye queen, and never have to pay a professional makeup artist again!


Curl Your Lashes Before Applying Mascara

This one simple tip will help you gain an extra few millimeters in lash length. A simple curler will really elongate your eyelashes and make your eyes stand out so well too. Do this before applying your mascara, and you’ll end up with a much better effect.


Use Mascara That Lengthens But Also Treats Your Lashes

If you really want perfect lashes, then you need to get your hands on mascara that can provide numerous benefits. It needs to provide that elongated look, while also thickening your lashes too. Not only that, but the ingredients in the mascara should treat your eyelashes as well. You’ll notice products on sites like gallany.com are made with aloe vera and other natural ingredients that are designed to promote hair growth and health. If you’re applying something to your lashes, it helps when you get additional benefits even after you’ve wiped it off. This keeps them healthy and makes it much easier to lengthen them in the future.



Prepare For Eyeshadow With Concealer

Using a concealer is a really smart way to prepare for your eyeshadow application. The reason is that it acts as a kind of neutralizer for your eyelids. Some of us could have quite veiny eyelids, which is totally normal by the way! So, by using a concealer, we get both lids to be the exact same shade and color. This makes it easier to apply eyeshadow and enhances the effect as well.  


Figure Out What Eyeliner Works For Your Eyes

When it comes to eyeliner, you don’t always have to stick with the usual black. In fact, as it shows on marieclaire.com, different eye colours suit different shades of eyeliner. Figure out which one works best for your eyes, and you’ll make them pop.



Don’t Forget To Shape Your Eyebrows

Getting your eyes nice and pretty will all be in vain if you leave your eyebrows untamed. Some of us are very lucky in that we have naturally perfect eyebrows that are already shaped well and don’t really need much filling. Your task is simple, you just need to give them a little pluck to ensure they’re evenly shaped and sharp. For those of you with very light brows, you need to spend some time filling them in and getting the shape nice and perfect. This will bring together the entire eye look, and ensure you dazzle everyone.


That’s all there really is to it, it doesn’t matter what type of look you’re going for, all that matters is you follow this advice! It will help you improve your eye makeup application, and get that professional look at home.

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