Eyelash Extensions Dos and Donts

Lash extensions can be a life and time-saving solution when done at the right salon. Imagine waking up every morning and looking your best with minimal effort! Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Well, you can have it all as long as you follow some rules, and if you avoid some ultimate don’ts!



Eyelash Extensions Do’s


  1. Be Ready To Commit

Are you afraid of commitments? If so, then you might want to skip out on this trend. You need to be mentally prepared for a new change, a new set of lashes, and a new addition to your face for the following 2-4 weeks to come. Women who don’t mind a bit of a beautifying change will love their extensions.


  1. Do Your Research

A definite ‘do’ is spending several hours online and finding your perfect salon. Choose a place that has positive reviews, a lot of feedback, and some before and after pictures. If your chosen salon looks promising and has almost 0 flaws, you definitely did a good homework.


  1. Bring Your Earphones

Although it might appear like an unusual ‘do’, bringing your earphones with you is actually a great idea. You will be able to relax, enjoy your favourite podcast, and listen to some music during the 2-hour application period. This will fasten up the process, and you will find the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.


  1. Less Is More

Wearing no makeup when going to your appointment is a definite must! The lash esthetician will work her magic a lot faster and more convenient if you come bare faced. Once she is done with the process your permanent eyelash extensions will act as a major confidence booster, so don’t worry about wearing no makeup to your appointment. Also, you will notice that less is more with your lashes and that you will gradually wear less and less makeup.


  1. Makeup Removers Are A Must

Removing your makeup is an imperative each night before you go to bed. However, use an oil-free makeup remover since this is the best kind for your lash extensions. Also, wash your lashes whenever you remove the makeup. Use lukewarm water and a lot of tapping motions, and don’t make any rubbing or tugging movements. You will avoid any infections and ingrown lashes with proper hygiene routine.



Eyelash Extensions Don’ts


  1. Don’t Wear Mascara

As much as you love it or as much as you are used to, it is time to say bye to your favourite mascara. Once the application is properly done, your extensions will stand out on their own, look voluminous, and demand 0 mascara! In fact, your extensions might fall out if you tug and move them too much with your mascara, so avoid it at all cost if possible.


  1. Skip Makeup

Don’t apply makeup after you get your extensions done. Don’t let anything come in touch with your face during the first 24 hours after you get them. You need to be patient because letting your eyes come in contact with makeup, water, steam, or skincare products might cause the lashes to fall out sooner than expected. Give the lash glue approx. 24-48 hours to set and enjoy your everyday routine than on!


  1. No Curlers

Lash curlers, as well as mascaras, will tug and move your extensions. This movement might cause them to fall out and you might end up with some weird gaps. If done right in the first place, they will demand no curler since they are going to look voluminous and dramatic on their own.


  1. Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach

It might come across as a difficult task at first, but sleeping strategically will only prolong the lifespan of your lashes. Your lashes won’t come in contact with your pillow or your hands, therefore they will stay glued a lot more than they would if you were sleeping on one side only.



  1. Don’t Remove Them

Lastly, never remove them on purpose or on your own. Resist the urge to play with them even when they are uneven and spidery. Removing them on your own might create even a bigger mess since you might pull out your natural lashes. If you are unsatisfied book your appointment as soon as possible and let the professionals handle the issue. In the meantime, you can wear strip lashes on top to hide the obvious gaps.