How To Make Your Face Appear Younger And Brighter Without Make Up

Makeup is a way of expressing yourself, and also a way of making yourself feel more self confident in the way that you look. However, so many women and girls feel pressured into wearing makeup on a daily basis because of the celebrities they see in the news, and the magazines that they read. Makeup shouldn’t be something that anyone feels like they have to wear, and there are ways of making yourself feel more self confident without any makeup too! Here’s how to make your face appear younger and brighter without makeup.



Drink water

An extremely common reason for someone’s skin to look dull and dry is because they don’t consume enough water each day. Water isn’t only good for your general health, it also helps the elasticity in your skin improve and will make your face appear tighter and younger. Water will also help eliminate the appearance of dark circles around the eyes too (along with the right amount of sleep too!) Not only that, it will decrease any dry skin that you experience on your face, along with acne and spots too because water helps flush toxins out of your system. So make sure that you’re getting your recommended 2 liters a day to help your face appear brighter and more youthful!


Use face creams and serums

Face creams are a great way of making sure that the appearance of your skin improves. This is because it helps moisturize your skin, and some can even help plump out any wrinkles that you may have too! You may be wondering, does vitamin c serum really work? Take a read to find out how using a vitamin c serum on your face can not only keep it moisturized, but can help fade acne and spot scars too! You’d be mad not to give it a go!


Pluck your eyebrows

While plucking your eyebrows isn’t something that you need to do, you’d be surprised at how much better you feel about yourself if you neaten up your eyebrows. Having them sculpted to the shape of your eye can also completely change the way your face looks. So if you’ve never tried it before, go and get them done professionally and see whether you like your new look. After all, they will grow back if it’s not something you want to continue with!



Pamper yourself

A great way of improving the way your skin looks is by treating yourself to a good old pampering session. Stick on a face mask and pop some cucumbers over your eyes and simply relax for a little while. Face masks are often packed with nutrients that help your skin, and the cucumbers will help lighten your eyes and make them appear brighter and less stressed!


Try these four different ways of making your face appear brighter and more youthful and you will soon find that the ‘need’ for makeup is a thing of the past!


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