Falling In Love With The Kitchen Again

A kitchen that is ill-decorated can feel lifeless, uninviting, and downright unpleasant to be in. If it’s dark, poorly organized, or cramped, it doesn’t feel like the heart of the home that it should be. So, it’s time to look at the changes you can make in order to fall in love with that kitchen once more.



Think needs above wants

If you have a kitchen wish list, make sure that you’re prioritizing those additions that will have the most practical use first of all. The right appliance like a coffee machine or bread maker might add a lot more convenience to the room than a new of silverware or a big fancy clock for the wall. Beyond appliances, think of the storage options you might add here and there that make it a much more convenient space. A spice rack or some pan hooks to hang vertically from the wall can save you surface space, meaning you don’t feel as cramped when you’re actually using the room and trying to cook.


Let a little light in

Any kitchen is going to feel cramped when it doesn’t have adequate lighting, Adding more artificial light can do a lot of good. Recessed lighting can help make those unloved corners a little brighter and spread light more evenly. It feels much more natural and comfortable, however, if you open the kitchen up to some daylight. If you have the space, then fitting in expansive sliding French doors can do the room a world of good. Otherwise, look at the treatments you have on existing windows and think of changing them. For instance, use plantation shutters or slat blinds instead of heavy curtains.


Give yourself some breathing room

If you have the opportunity to add some real space then, by all means, do it. If you’re remodeling, for instance, think about whether you could use some storage space to make way for the bin, so you have more floor space. When looking for a new radiator, get a vertical one instead of one that takes up more horizontal space. Think about getting an extendable table so you have the seating space when you need it, but otherwise you can tuck it away far more conveniently.



Materials matter

If you spend more time cleaning the kitchen than cooking in it, it’s very easy to associate the room with toil and labour. That is not going to make you want to spend more time in it. Instead, think about investing in materials that are much easier to clean and require much less care. Flat hardwood floors will stop any dirt of debris from getting in hard-to-reach crevices, for instance. Meanwhile, sealed wood and granite countertops are way easier to clean and much more resilient than cheaper materials.

Don’t neglect to add the little touches that will make your kitchen feel all the more personalized to your tastes. Whatever signs, pictures, and knick-knacks make you feel comfortable have a place in there, so long as there’s space in there.


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