Top Family Films This Festive Season

Christmas is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing: the arrival of festive films to your television screen and local cinema screens. But with a market saturated with seemingly endless options, how do you choose which ones to settle down in front of with your nearest and dearest? Here are a few options to ensure that you have the best festive movie night possible!




Getting Prepared

First things first, you need to get prepared so that everyone can have the most comfortable and enjoyable home cinema experience! Gather everyone around and make sure that everyone can see the screen. Next, make sure that there are plenty of cushions, blankets and throws. This will mean that everyone is comfy, cosy and warm throughout the duration of the film. Finally, drinks and snacks! Nobody wants a rumbling stomach mid-film and you want to avoid having to pause for drinks breaks. So, stock up on plenty of popcorn, cheesy nachos, and sugar free fizzy drinks. If you want to make your living space feel like a real life theatre, you can go all out and invest in a professional home theatre system. Check out the options available to you at



You’ll have noticed reruns of Elf gracing TV screens time and time again around this time of year. Though it’s not the oldest Christmas film, it is hugely popular thanks to Will Ferrell’s hilarious performance as a human raised by elves wreaking havoc in New York. The film is a laugh a minute, as Buddy the Elf tries to work out the ways of human society with the mentality of one of Santa’s overly enthusiastic helpers. Your little ones will be quoting lines from this festive favourite for years to come.


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

We’re all familiar with the fuzzy face of the Grinch. So why not tune in to see exactly how he managed to steal Christmas?! This social recluse lives on the borders of Whoville, a town obsessed with the Christmas holidays. Jim Carrey puts out an astounding performance, playing the role of the antisocial, cynical Grinch, won over by the joy and compassion presented by Cindy Lou Who, an innocent but extremely smart Who child.


Home Alone

Let’s take things back to a nineties classic: Home Alone. This American classic features a young Macaulay Culkin playing the role of Kevin McAllister, a boy accidentally left home alone by his family who take off on a festive vacation. Disaster strikes when two would-be burglars target the seemingly empty family home, only to find the young boy inside is a little smarter than they might have thought. Your family will be in stitches at the elaborate boobie traps McAllister places to catch the thieves out. This is the highest grossing comedy ever to be released in America and it’s not surprising that its popularity remains at a peak today!


These are just a few options that you might like to give a watch. Don’t forget classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, and White Christmas too!


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