Keeping Your Family Organized During A Home Renovation

When you are making major changes to your home, the environment can be chaotic. You may have to move items around to clear the rooms undergoing renovation. You may also have to endure excessive amounts of dust and noise. These events often go on for several weeks. You can often help ease the stress of the situation by doing a little preparation beforehand. For families with young children, this can often save the day.



A Functional Space

You may feel like nothing in your home is functional during a home renovation. The kitchen may be take apart, your water may be off part of the day, or everyone may be sharing one bathroom. With the basic comforts of home stripped away, you may be feeling like running away. When you have children and pets at home, however, you must often stay home during a large part of day. Set up a space somewhere else in the house with items you commonly use throughout the day. Think of this as a safe space to get away from the craziness.


Take over one of the kid’s rooms or use a guest room or study. Set up a radio or white noise machine to drown out the construction sounds. Set up nap mats for small children, and a mini fridge if your kitchen is off limits. A table with a coffee maker and a microwave can really help. Set up a work space on a little table if you need to get on the computer often. When the chaos gets to be too much, take the kids and animals and camp out in this little oasis.


Clear Some Space 

When you have to clear out a room for renovations, the items must go somewhere. They usually end up piled in another room, leaving two spaces out of commission. Some people put things in their garage or in a self-storage unit. There are several options for self-storage Baton Rouge. This helps to keep the rest of the home functional and eases the clutter.


Friends and Family 

Reach out to friends and family and let them know what you need. They may not realize your exact desires. Even one day away can really help you recover from the noise, dust, and fumes. Find out which days entail the use of heavy equipment and paint. Make arrangements to visit grandma or your best friend for the day. Pick up lunch or snacks to share with your host. You may be able to leave the kids and work on responsibilities with the home, such as choosing a storage unit.


Plan some Outings

As parents, we often plan to do many things we never get around to. A home renovation is the perfect excuse to get out and about. Plan a trip to the museum with some other parents or sign your kids up for a few mother’s day out sessions. Seek out entertaining and educational things to do in your city. You may be surprised to find out how many things are free, as well.


Your home renovation can be an exciting time. After all, the end result should make your home more functional and beautiful. It is possible to preserve your sanity during a home renovation. You need to prepare for the noise and other irritating side effects, however. Plan time out of the house, clear the clutter, and organize a comfortable space for when you need to be home.