7 Feng Shui Tips To Attract Money To Your Home

Today we welcome a wonderful guest blogger, Jane Staflin!  She is the blogger from Babbling Bananas, which is an interior and home decor blog.  Emotional Brands, an interior design company in Portugal, also gets the benefits of her writings.  Today, she’s come to share some terrific Feng Shui Tips for our homes.


When asked to tell us a bit about herself, Jane states:

“I was always a passion for design, decoration, and crafts. And it was precisely through the internet that my universe of decoration was enlarged and, when I realized it, it became part of my life project. “

Learn more about Jane at http://www.babblingbananas.com/about-us/ or by following her Instagram account.


Feng Shui is a Chinese ancestral philosophy that is based on the occupation of space in a conscious and harmonious way, having as main purpose the attainment of a positive influence on the people who live on it. Many people use Feng Shui to decorate the home because they truly believe in their teachings. But there are other, more skeptical people who do not believe in the influence of this current of thought.



In my opinion, Feng Shui can benefit the residents of a residence, so today our article starts from this principle. Let’s teach seven tricks that, according to this philosophy, will help you bring abundance, money and prosperity to your home. You will not need to buy foreign objects, nor seek the help of a professional. It is just a good distribution of the furniture and to follow each of these advices. Get to work!



  1. Get rid of things you no longer use, that take up space or that are spoiled

In order to always maintain a positive energy in your home, get rid of what is no longer of great use. You can sell them, donate them or throw away if they no longer serve. In this way, you renew the energies of your home.



  1. Attract prosperity using colors such as red, green and violet

You can include these colors as you prefer: a wall, furniture or cushions. White is purity and red activates the energies. It’s a great combination.



  1. If your entry is not inviting, you do not receive visitors or attract prosperity

Make sure that the access to your space is appealing, harmonious and clean. Well cared plants, running lights and a door that makes an impact are important for attracting prosperity and good energy.



  1. The kitchen should always be clean to attract money and prosperity

Keep the kitchen always flawless with each element in its proper place and make sure that the main door of the house is not seen from this space. The kitchen is where people meet for meals and socializing. Place an arrangement of flowers or a platter full of fruit on the table.



  1. Eliminate any clutter in your home

If you want good energies to flood your home, make sure it is always clean and organized. Put plants and fountains for energy and prosperity to flow.



  1. The room should be warm, bright, with soft colors and without mirrors in front of the bed

Your room is a temple of rest. Do not allow this room to be invaded by everyone. Use photos, ornaments, table lamps and soft colors that make the space harmonious.


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