Nine Tips to Finally Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

If you have been making New Year’s resolutions in the past few years, without ever achieving your goals, you can now change the trend and finally meet the challenge. The main reason why most of us give up on our promise we made for the self is because we cannot stay motivated long enough. Most habits take a few weeks to stick, and if you give up before you are used to the new routine, you lose your momentum. No matter if you would like to break up with a bad habit, earn more money through your business, or lose weight, you can use the below tips to meet your resolutions this year.



Think Small

The older you are the harder it is to change your bad habits. You should set yourself goals that are relatively easy to reach, and don’t make you change your entire lifestyle or make too many sacrifices. For example, if you would like to stop eating sugar whatsoever, you will find this difficult, especially if you have your tea and coffee with several sugar cubes. However, if you will set yourself a challenge of reducing your chocolate intake or changing one sugar to a sweetener every day, you can make small changes that have noticeable benefits, and allow your body to gradually get used to the challenge.


Keep Yourself Motivated

It is also important to set yourself a reward for achieving each goal. If you go on for a week without smoking, give yourself something to celebrate. Think about it as an Advent Calendar: each stage you get a reward for sticking with your lifestyle change, habit, or promise to yourself. Whenever you feel like you are about to give up, remind yourself of the benefits of sticking to your original plan. Create a list and read on it when you lack motivation, and you will have enough energy to go on one more day.


Involve Others

Breaking a promise that we made to ourselves can go unnoticed, and we feel like we can get away with it. Turn peer pressure to your advantage, and share your New Year’s resolution with family members, friends, and colleagues. If you do something hard, you can even ask people to sponsor you, and donate the money to a local charity. While it is easy to let yourself down, you don’t want to disadvantage others. Talk about your plans and your progress often with other people, so they can support you and give you positive confirmation on the way.


Get Professional Help

If you are struggling with a hard-to-beat  addiction, you might need to turn to a professional to support you. Check out clinics and residential facilities, such as Muse Treatment, to see how they can help you turn your life around. Sometimes, habits are stronger than us, and this means that you will have to empower yourself with the tools and resources to beat them. Don’t be ashamed of seeking help when you need it.


Read On It

If you want to succeed, you will need to be prepared for the challenges and roadblocks. You can read books to motivate you, and select some biographies that talk about beating the same habits you are struggling with. Read blogs and check out YouTube channels providing free advice, so you can learn how to change your life for the better and avoid giving up too soon.



Join a Group

Whenever you are planning on losing weight, reducing the amount of fast food you consume, or giving up smoking, alcohol, or other addictive substances for good, you can benefit from joining a support group. There will be people who are on the same journey as you, and are able to give you tips. You can share your experiences with others, and feel less isolated in your battle. Find a local community group where you feel comfortable with sharing your goals, challenges, and struggles.


Justify Your Resolution Every Day

To keep on going until the new habits stick, you might want to keep on reminding yourself why you made the New Year’s resolution. Have a small note in your fridge you can see every day, or create a meditation track that helps you remember why you are making sacrifices. You can train your brain to break your bad habits using meditation and hypnosis. Support your subconscious mind in the fight, and you will come out as a winner.


Break It Down to Stages

If your end goal seems to be too far, and you don’t believe you can achieve it, break down your resolution to different stages. Take a gradual approach. For example, if you want to run the Marathon next year, start with a 2K race in the first month, followed by a 5K and a 10K, half Marathon, and so on. This way, you can keep on working towards your goal without feeling overwhelmed. 


Stay Flexible

Sometimes, our circumstances change. If you decided to join the gym, but you don’t seem to find the time as you have to do overtime at work, don’t beat yourself up over this. Simply change the way you will become fitter, focusing on the end goal. Try to run for 20 minutes before work every day, or start a yoga practice at home 2-3 times a week. At least you are still working towards the same goal, and don’t give up on your resolution completely.


We are all guilty of making New Year’s resolutions that we can’t keep. Make sure that your goal is achievable and you keep yourself motivated. Start small and build up your strength to do more gradually. The bigger the change is, the more support you will need. Join a group, or seek professional help to successfully beat your bad habits and become a new person in the new year. Make changes instead of giving up, and keep your goal in mind every day. Empower yourself to be ready for the challenge, and you can keep your resolutions on 2018.


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