Finding the Right Flooring for Your Home

Finding the right fit? An often difficult and time-consuming task which seems to involve every aspect of our lives. From purchasing a new suit to what you wish to pursue as a hobby or as a career – finding the right fit is a massively important part of life.


One area which this is more important than usual is in the world of interior design, more specifically flooring. This is not to say finding just the right wallpaper to compliment your rooms natural light, or getting the perfect sofa is unimportant. On the contrary finding the right fit and balance between furniture and décor is critical to successful interior design.


However, these factors of a home design can be interchangeable. For example, say you purchase a rug which does not quite fit with the tone and texture of your floor and décor – it merely takes a quick swap out for a new rug that fits with your design more.


However, with flooring this is much more difficult.  This is because flooring can be considered many things including, expensive, cumbersome, and very time consuming to install.  This is why of all the elements of interior design, finding the right fit for your floor is arguably the most important.  However, with so many options and so many different circumstances depending on room and home scenarios, finding the right fit may not be easy.


With this in mind here is a quick rundown of 4 flooring options that may just be the right fit for your home.





Let’s begin with the primary choice for renovating, the classic carpet. Carpets are ideal for family environments as they are comfortable and suitable for homes with pets with no need to worry about scratching. Along with this carpet also offer a wide range of design flexibility, being suitable for numerous rooms and featuring a wide color pallet with personalized designs to suit fit your design.


However, if there was any disadvantage to a carpet is that it does not age well with many carpets starting to feel the strain after a couple of years. Along with this there is the unpleasant aspect of removing an old carpet that is both exhausting and time consuming.


Natural Wood Flooring

The alternative to carpet, solid wood flooring offers unmatched character and charisma, thanks to the unique nature of wood and the distinct charms it offers. Unlike carpet which can be tailored to an existing home design, wood flooring is an excellent starting point for any room design. Along with this wood flooring is very hard wearing, with many care techniques and treatments allowing it to last for years at a time without needing to be replaced.


However, should there be one drawback to going down the solid wood flooring route, is that it will require a lot of upkeep and care to keep it in showroom condition. Along with this wood flooring is very fragile, being extremely susceptible to scratching putting homes with cats and dogs out of the question.


Vinyl Floor Tiles (LVT)

The next option is Vinyl Floor Tiles. This option provides near limitless creative freedom, with a wide range of designs available in vinyl, emulating everything from traditional wood flooring through to stone tile effects. This makes it great for finding the right fit for your style, combined with an incredibly easy installation process and suitability for every room in the home; vinyl seems like the perfect flooring option.


However vinyl flooring is not great in heavy wearing environments, as it is susceptible to tearing and scratching in under extreme usage levels. Along with this vinyl is also temperature sensitive, especially under direct sunlight which can cause irreversible damage.


Laminate Flooring

The final option we have is Laminate Flooring. This type of home flooring essentially acts as the middle ground between vinyl tiles and natural hardwood flooring. Laminate comprises of a multi layered design, with a high-density central layer, photographic print layer and a transparent wear layer above this.


This design choice opens up the door to an amazing range of wood designs and colours including white, black, grey and even traditional oak laminate flooring. Many of these designs would be expensive to install and maintain in their natural wood forms, however these worries are put aside in their laminate configuration. This along with an easy to install design gives laminate fantastic versatility, being right at home in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room or home study.


However, the drawback to this is that laminate cannot be sanded or re finished, meaning that a hard worn or damaged floor must be replaced completely.