Getting Back Into Fitness After an Injury

When you have a regular health and fitness routine, getting back into it all after an injury can feel like you’re starting from scratch. Your body can still feel in pain and stiff, and you can feel like your pre-injury fitness level and effort was all for nothing. So if you do have an injury, and want to get back into the swing of it all, you are not alone in this. You might be ready to go, or at least feel like you are, but one of the most important things that you need to consider is your body and making sure you are paying attention to it. If you still have some pain, then it can be a way of saying that you have done too much and need to slow down a little. 

So no matter what kind of injury you have had, and even if you spoken to a personal injury attorney, here are some tips to help you to get back into fitness and back into your routine.

Take It Easy

When you feel like you are ready to go again and ready to get moving, it is a good idea to keep things simple. You might want to train at your max as you have done in the past, but starting off with, this won’t be a good idea. You may have been able to run for miles before your injury, for example. But that doesn’t mean you can just go out and run for miles on your first session back; take it easy.

Ice and Heat

Depending on what your physio or doctor has recommended, using ice and heat can be two great things, and a combination can help your injury, as well as soreness and inflammation. If you have some older injuries, then heat can be a big benefit. Ice is usually better for ‘fresher’ injuries, but it does depend on what the injuries are. Ask for advice if you need it from your doctor.


While you are recovering from your injury, you might need to be completely immobilized. Unfortunately, this kind of thing can lead to some muscles that become a little stiff because they haven’t been working for so long. But don’t give your muscles a complete break, and do some stretching exercises to help in your recovery. You might have a physical therapist or doctor that can recommend things, or you could work with a yoga teacher, for example. When you stretch you allow any of your injured muscles, or muscles around the injury to get worked and stretch a little. This can help you when you’re ready to be fully active again.

If you simply do nothing, then it isn’t always the best idea. Active recovery is really the best solution, especially for someone who has been active before the injury. Whatever you do, listen to your body and start to take lots of breaks if you need, when you start getting back into it all. Pain means you should stop immediately. You will get your strength back over time, so be patient with yourself.