Five Healthy Habits to Teach Your Children

As a mother, you would like your kids to stay healthy and happy forever, You don’t want them to make the same mistakes you have, but this cannot always be avoided. Kids, in particular teenagers don’t respond well to instructions. However, if you tell them that this is what grownups do, they might follow your lead. Below you will find five healthy habits your children can benefit from for a lifetime.


Oral Hygiene Routine

It is important that you teach your kids at an early age how to look after their teeth. Get them to create their own oral hygiene routine, and supervise them. Make sure that you reward them for looking after their mouth. For example, whenever you visit Family 1st Dental for a checkup, and they don’t have any work to do with their teeth, you could take them out for a meal or to a play barn. If you have older kids, you could give them money or shopping vouchers.



Starting the Day with Fruit

To start up your metabolism, you can eat fruit for breakfast, right? Why not teach this healthy habit to your kids, too? Put down a banana in front of them before they leave for school, and explain them how it provides them with the essential energy to get through the day. Make sure that you choose a fruit that your kids like, and pack some in their lunch box, too. Starting the day with a fruit has plenty of health benefits, including improved hydration and better digestion.


Stretching in the Morning

It is a simple routine that makes a huge difference. You need to remember that – just like you – your kids will be sitting down in school most of the day. To maintain a healthy alignment of the spine, and avoid joint problems, stretch with them in the morning, until they do this automatically. You can even implement a short yoga routine in your mornings, if you have time.



Growing Vegetables

Your kids will love getting their hands dirty in the garden. If you don’t have one, you can grow your vegetables in a small greenhouse or on the balcony. Teach them how to look after the seedlings, and make them pick the fruit and vegetables. You can grow tomatoes and peppers in small boxes, or lettuce that you can use next time you cook together. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, try growing root vegetables to teach your kids about the way they absorb nutrients from the earth.



Cooking from Scratch

It is important that you cook with your kids and teach them how to make dishes from scratch. Start with simple meals, such as an omelet, and show them how to make pancakes next. By teaching them this simple, healthy skill, you will empower them to experiment and save money when they move out or go to college.


Teaching your kids healthy habits can have a huge impact on their future. Lead them by example, and be there to guide them, while allowing them to experiment with different dishes, sports, and activities.


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