Flat Tummy Myths Debunked!

Flat tummies are something that many people want to have these days, what with Instagram fitness influencers and celebrities flaunting them every opportunity they get. Not wanting a flat tummy is great too – loving yourself is super important, flat tummy or no flat tummy!


However, if you do want a flat tummy, it’s crucial you educate yourself on things that are true and the myths out there. There are so many misconceptions about achieving a flat tummy. Below we talk through some of them so you can come up with your plan of attack!



Doing Lots Of Core Exercises Will Help

Doing lots of core exercises will strengthen your core muscles, but it won’t automatically make you wake up with a washboard stomach. If you have a layer of fat covering your tummy, it’s actually fat loss you need to work on, not core exercises. Core exercises can simply make your abs more prominent when you do lose that fat. So, how do you go about losing fat? All it comes down to is a healthy diet and reasonable calorie deficit (not starvation), and regular exercise that you enjoy. After that, it’s just consistency!


Tea Will Give You A Flat Tummy

Do not fall for those fad teatoxes that celebrities advertise these days. They are a total waste of money. Tea can not give you a flat tummy alone! While teas like peppermint and turmeric can actually provide help For IBS and bloating, they won’t help you to burn fat. They may help you to reduce the bloat and pain, but they won’t give you long term results. Long term results are only obtained with exercise and eating right, as outlined above.


Cardio Burns Fat

Cardio can improve your cardiovascular fitness and help to burn fat and calories to a degree. However, being a cardio bunny will not give you the fit tummy or body you really want. It isn’t the most effective way to go about it! If you want to burn that layer of fat, resistance training should be your first port of call, as it’s the most effective way to burn fat and strengthen your muscles. The more muscle you have, the faster your body burns fat. Cardio can complement your routine, but you shouldn’t be slogging away every day for hours. 30 minutes 3-5 times a week should suffice!


You Can Eat What You Want If You Exercise

Sorry, no. Not all food is created equal. Some will say a calorie is a calorie, but the body will use 200 cals of vegetables differently to 200 cals of chocolate. You can have treats, but making smart choices more often than not is a must. Using an app can help you to track. It’s also important to note whether you have intolerances to certain foods, such as gluten or dairy. If you have a condition like IBS, then adopting a suitable irritable bowel syndrome diet is crucial.


Eating Less Is Better

Again, no. Starving yourself will damage your body in the long term, even if you do get drastic results in the beginning. You can mess up your metabolism, and your body may actually hold on to fat from being in starvation mode, causing a ‘skinny fat’ appearance. This is why a small deficit is key. Using an online calculator can help you. Start out slowly and monitor your results!