Sola Wood Flower Wreaths

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With being a stay at home mother of three children, finances are pretty tight around here.  So when I wander the isles of Hobby Lobby and see all of the beautiful home decor, my mind always begins racing as to if there is a way that I can create the same look for less.  This is one of those ideas put in action!  Today I created a beautiful grapevine wreath decorated with solo wood flowers.

What you’ll need

  1. Grape Vine Wreath
  2. Flowers
  3. Hot Glue Gun


For the flowers, I purchased through Sola Wood Flowers.  If you are a watcher of Shark Tank, you might recognize the owner of this company, Meagan Chapman, as she was the founder of a company called EcoFlower.  She has now created this company, and it’s amazing!  I’ve already placed two orders with them, and I can guarantee that I’ll be back again in the near future.  When the flowers arrive, they are packaged safely in the box, each flower in its own sealed wrapper.  They have different shapes, sizes and supplies to use with them as well.  My only warning about this site is that it’s crazy addicting!

You’ll want to spread out your wreath and flowers so that you can see what you have.  I wanted a variety of flowers in an array of sizes, so I ordered 7 dozen flowers ranging from one inch to four inches.  I went with the raw option for a more rustic look, although does sell them dyed (or the paints to dye them yourself if you’re so inclined) if you’re looking for more color.  Then you’re ready for the fun part – arranging them!

I was attempting to copy the wreath I had seen, so I knew I wanted a larger chunk at the bottom right and then just a handful in the top left to kinda balance it out.  I’ve seen them done in many different fashions though – completely covered, evenly spaced, just at the bottom, just on a side.  Really, the only thing holding you back is how far you can stretch your imagination.  Have fun playing around with the flowers until you figure out exactly how you want them arranged.

Once you’ve decided how you want your flowers arranged, it’s time to make them stick.  A little dollop of hot glue on the back is all that’s needed.  When using these wooden flowers there is a space on the back that is perfect for the glue.  Each flower is slightly different, but there is always a circle-ish area where the glue can be put and it won’t show through to the front, even on the raw flowers.

Now that you’ve got the glue on, take a moment to hold the flower to a branch.  Be sure that your spot of glue is sitting on top of a wreath branch and not in the space between them.  The glue needs to have something below it to stick to.  I recommend holding them on for a minute, to give them a chance for the glue to start to stick.  On a couple of the flowers, I could see the center rising when I let go, which means that the glue hadn’t yet stuck to the branch.  With just another moment of pressure, it was able to stick without a problem.  Be careful, as with anytime that you’re using a hot glue gun, not to get your fingers in contact with the glue itself.

Take a step back and examine your wreath.  When I finished the first time, I wasn’t fully satisfied with it.  Back to the table we went and a few more flowers were added.  In the end, I’m completely thrilled with the way that the wreath turned out.  It’s rustic chic, and it will look absolutely beautiful hanging on our front door.

As an additional step, if you want to, add some essential oils.  With these flowers being made of sola wood, they make absolutely wonderful diffusers!  Just a few drops on the flowers and now your beautiful showpiece is also a beautiful air freshener!  Mine smells like lemon – a scent that I love to have in the house as it is such a nice, soft, clean smell.

All together I used 18 flowers to create my wreath.  Which means that I have a big box full of flowers to use on future projects.  I’ve already got a few in mind that I’d like to do.

Have you made your own floral wreath?

Have you decorated with sola flowers before?

I would love to see pictures of your creations in the comments below!

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