Food Costs Spiraling Out of Control? 4 Ways to Reign Them in!

As we reach the halfway point of the first month of a new decade, it’s a good time to reflect on the promises we made ourselves a couple of weeks ago. How are we doing on the commitments we made to ourselves? Have we been realistic in terms of what we can achieve and how easily we can implement real lasting change? As well as making promises to ourselves about our weight, fitness and careers, most of us will have vowed to make better financial decisions and make every penny count. And for the consummate foodie, the best place to do this is in the kitchen. Cooking is a great way to beat the January blues and take your nutrition, health and fitness in your own hands. However, wasteful and costly habits can emerge in the kitchen, just like anywhere else. Here are some ways to reign in your food costs for a healthier 2020 both in terms of your waistline and your bank balance…

Sign up to a meal subscription box

The average supermarket is a carefully engineered sensory experience designed to encourage im[pulse spending. As such, we can often pick up way more “bargains” than we need and end up with bags full of groceries which ultimately go to waste. A neat way to get around this is to sign up to a meal subscription box. You get sent fresh ingredients to cook delicious meals and because you get exactly the right amount of each ingredient for every dish, nothing goes to waste.

Here are some of the best meal kit subscriptions for 2020

Make better use of your leftovers

How often have you thrown out leftover food not because it’s gone bad, but because it simply doesn’t tickle your fancy? One time too many? Thought so. However, with a little imagination, you can make your leftovers delicious and appealing again. Check out this easy turkey and stuffing casserole recipe for a good example. By reducing food waste you can reduce the chances of resorting to expensive take out because there’s nothing in the fridge. 

Reduce food waste by rotating your refrigerator

Food waste is a huge problem in the developed world, especially in the USA where over $160BN worth of food is thrown out every year. That’s bad for the planet and your bank balance. Yet, by being a little more diligent at home, we can effectively combat the problem of food waste. How many times have you noticed fruits and veggies withering away to mush at the back of your refrigerator? How many times have you had to throw away that tub of Greek yogurt you forgot you opened last week? Rotating the contents of your refrigerator is an easy and effective way to reduce food waste and reign in your grocery bills.

Never shop while hungry

Finally, as we stated previously, supermarkets are expertly designed to make us impulse buy, especially when we’re hungry. Why else would they put all the delicious fragrant baked treats front and center? Always try and eat a small meal or snack before grocery shopping. You’ll make much more sensible choices!