Going From A Full-Time Mother To Full-Time Worker (And How To Handle The Transition)

For many, a change in career can be the doorway to another world, and, when you go from being a full-time mother to a whole new career, it can literally feel like going into another world! If you’ve been a mother for so long and stayed at home for the kids, now they are old enough to go to school, you are now at the point where you could very easily take up a job to fill your days. But how can you do this effectively, and how can you handle the transition?



Checking your skills

If you’ve been a stay at home mother for years, and you are in the position to go into a job full-time, you might not have the necessary skills that are required nowadays. Have a look at this article, and see if you have any of these valuable career skills. If not, it gives you a suitable starting point. When you’re looking at the job you want to do, you have to make your skills match, and this may mean going back into education, or you can find ways to make your parental skills fit the job you want.


Getting more education

Luckily, due to the internet, there are numerous skills you can learn online that will benefit you when progressing into the career of your choice. You could take a university course online, and fit it around your parenting duties, or actually go to a local university. From there, you will have a better idea of the type of career you want to pursue, how you can get to it, but also what else is out there.


Going through the application process

You’ve found out what you want to do, and how to get there, now it’s time to go through the application process. While you may have an incredibly rosy past, be aware, your application will very likely be subject to a background check. So even if you have some minor criminal record, this will show up. But, there are certain parts of your permanent record you can have expunge, you can learn about expungement from various legal professionals, but if you have a criminal past, you should let this deter you from applying for the job you want. Background checks can take many forms, but if you are a right fit for the job, your passion will shine through in your application.


Becoming an employee after being a parent for so long can be quite a shock to the system but the benefit you’ve had in being a full-time parent for so many years, is that, when this day came, that you had the opportunity to chase your dream career, you were able to go for it all guns blazing, because you had the opportunity just think about it for so long. But it can still be quite a change. A lot of mothers feel that they are out of the loop, even those returning from maternity leave, so it can certainly feel intimidating from your perspective, but by ensuring you know what you want to do, it won’t feel like a terrible transition.