Fun Ways To Make Fruit And Veggies A Part Of Daily Life

With so many options for fast food and cheap foods at supermarkets, it’s easier to eat in an unhealthy manner than to take the time to think about what you’re putting in your body. The only way you can cleanse your inner system is to consistently eat foods with high nutrition. This can only be done if healthy food is part of your lifestyle and something that you do, without even thinking about it. However, it’s not that easy because vegetables are made out of water for the most part. The taste is often bland, and this makes consuming greens as part of our diet to be more like a chore than something we look forward to. To weave your way around your taste buds and just make healthy food a part of your diet, you need some fun ways to include fruit and vegetables in your lifestyle.



Meat sauces

Who doesn’t love a good juicy steak? There’s no reason why you should be eating lean meats with butter or other kinds of cream based sauces. Steaks are often cuts of beef that will have marbling, therefore the cut already has lots of fat. Although the fat will melt down and become part of the gristle, and you won’t be able to eat it once it becomes hard and caramelized, the fat has somewhat melted into the meat. For a healthier option, make an applesauce. It can be traditional, with hardly any sugar and purely apple flesh and juice, but you can mix it with other fruits too. Fruits like pears, kiwifruit, peach and even a honey melon, can be made and mixed into sauces for red meats like beef, lamb, ox, bore etc.



Energy drinks have burst onto the market and all claim to have some fruits in them, but essentially they’re just full of sugar and caffeine. Flavored water in certain fruits and vegetables, is the far healthier and tastier option for people who are on the go and want some simple sugars and good hydration. Products like cucumber bottled water have zero calories, zero preservatives, zero diet sweeteners, contains no GMOs and is also vegan-friendly. This would be great for someone who wants to not drink juices and sodas anymore and have something healthier but still fruit or vegetable-based flavors. As it’s also water, the hydration levels are unparalleled. With all natural flavors and no chemicals used to make artificial combinations, the cucumber is infused into the drink to give a fuller tasting product.




Many people who make starters often overlook the boost to flavor fruits and vegetables can give. For antipasto, cold pasta, the traditional dishes used green and black olives. These are great antioxidants and also add a rich earthy flavor to the dish. Cheeses go great with sweet fruits like apple and grapes. The cheese boards in many restaurants like to balance the sourness of the cheese, with the spike in simple sugars that berries and cherries supply.


Eating fruit and vegetable should become a natural part of your life. However, you can’t simply will it to be so. You have to slightly adapt your daily diet to stealthily into your food, so the healthy and nutritious foods become enhancements to the complex flavors.



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