Simple Fundraising Ideas Anyone Can Try

Raising money is always challenging. Not only do you need to persuade people that your cause is worth their contribution but you also need to catch their attention and offer them something in exchange. This is where you need to engage your imagination!

Setting and achieving a fundraising goal is much like setting business goals. You need to be absolutely clear about how much you want to make and then create a solid plan to get there. This means working out how much you are willing to invest to begin with and how much time you are willing to put in too. 

The good news is that the simplest fundraising ideas are the most effective. Try too hard and you will probably end up spending more than you make. So, here are a few ideas you might like to consider.

Engraved Thanks 

One way to acknowledge your donors is by offering them an engraved item to show their contribution. This strategy also means that you don’t have to organize an event, sell any items or even set contribution suggestions so is incredibly efficient. If you are building a wall, engraved bricks are a good idea – see for more information – and this can work whether you are creating a garden or a new building. 

Engraved plaques also work well. You can add them to benches, display them on walls or even give them out as a trophy of sorts. Again, the purpose is to acknowledge donations so think carefully about what you want to write and how you want to present your plaque.. 


Making and selling things is a sure-fire way to make a profit in business so it makes sense to do the same to raise funds. However, this approach can be highly labor-intensive so think carefully before you decide what to sell. Asking for donations is one way to go but it won’t necessarily mean that you get the best items. Making something new could also work but is a much more expensive plan. 

Cake sales are always popular since most people have a sweet tooth and cakes are relatively cheap to make. There are a few recipes that work really well from basic cupcakes to cookies, brownies and muffins. However, do consider the time it takes to make, bake and decorate your cakes before you set yourself a ridiculous challenge! 

Side Hustling

If you want to turn your fundraising activities into a more long-term endeavor, you might consider starting a regular side hustle. There are a few side hustle ideas you might like to try out but the best idea is to work to your skillset. 

You should also try a side hustle that only requires your time and doesn’t come with overheads such as teaching, writing or consulting. This way, you could donate all or part of the profits on a more consistent level. This is ideal if you want to support an on-going cause and you have spare time most weeks.