Funey: Making Money More Fun

Money is the opposite of fun for most people, with very few people enjoying the work they have to do to stay on top of this side of their life. Bills will always feel like they’re overwhelming you, your salary will never go far enough, and trying to save on top of all of this can be impossible, leaving you to feel only dread when you think about finances. Of course, this sort of issue can usually be solved, though. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some clever ways to make your money just a little more fun.



Make A Game Of It

One of the easiest ways to make money more fun is by creating a game out of it. Just like in a lot of modern video games, it’s very easy to tell how well you’re doing with money. You can set objectives for yourself, monitoring the success you have along the way, and giving yourself rewards when you’re on the right track. If you like real video games, for example, you could stop yourself from playing each week unless you’re able to save enough money. This sort of approach to money adds a healthy challenges which will improve your money down the line.


Make It Competitive

There are few better ways to make yourself focus on something than adding a little bit of competition to it. It’s very likely that you know someone else with similar self-improvement ambitions, and you can use their journey as a way to fuel your own. The person who is able to save the most each week or month will win, and the reward for something like this can be as small as a pint at the pub. Not only will this help someone you care about, but it will also make it very hard for you to ignore this important side of your life.


Use The Right App

Over the last few years, loads of new smartphone apps have hit the market. Some of these software tools are very simple, and will only perform the most basic tasks. There are others which offer a lot more, though, and the swath of budgeting apps found on the market should be plenty to put you on the right track with this side of your life. A lot of people struggle when they are going through this, finding it hard to know how they’re supposed to manage their money by themselves. Apps can take all of this work out of your hands.


Rewarding Yourself

Managing money takes a lot of time and effort, and it can often feel like you’re doing it for nothing when you don’t use any of the money you’re saving. Giving yourself the occasional treat is fine, even when money is tight, as it’s important to feel like you’re getting something out of all of this. Games like Satta Matka are a great way to go about doing this. While they are a form of gabling, the money you put into this is much more like an investment, and you could make a huge amount out of doing something like this each month.


Build A Mood Board

This next idea isn’t something which will have a direct impact on your finances, but could prove useful when it comes to making your money a little more fun. A mood board is a collection of images and themes which represents the lifestyle you’d like to live. This gives you something to reach for, while also reminding you what you’re putting all of this effort into your money for, making it far easier to stay on top of it all. As time goes on, methods like this are proving to be more and more useful, and this is great for anyone who wants to use them to figure out their own financial life.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of making your money fun. Not a lot of people manage to get through something like this without a little bit of help along the way, and this makes it worth looking for professionals with the skills to take the edge off of your finances. You will learn a lot by going through a process like this. Of course, though, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be actively teaching yourself, as the time you put in will always come back to you, even if you don’t see the impact right away.