Getting The Garden Ready For The Kids!

One of the greatest pleasures of the upcoming Spring months is getting back into the garden and getting it ready to be enjoyable for the sunshine. When you have kids, the garden is the focus of the home for them. It’s the safe space outdoors that they can enjoy without worrying about being unsafe or able to access the road. And the best bit is that the kids can be just as involved in getting the garden ready as you are.

It’s the perfect learning opportunity for the children, as they’ll see you design your refreshed garden with Vista Scapes and be involved in the process, too. They get a chance to get into nature, learning how to manipulate the soil and move the garden around to get the best outcome for plants and food. You never know, they could end up with green fingers and a passion for landscaping! Below, we’ve got some great ways that the kids can be involved with the new garden – let’s take a look.

Girl Wearing White Floral Dress Beside Grass Plant at Daytime
  • You could start by thinking about how you want your garden to appeal to the kids. A children’s area of the garden that only the children can plant. It’s a great way to let them unleash their imagination without them unleashing it all over your brand new tomato plants and rose bushes. It doesn’t have to be big, but you want enough space for planting and small and colourful ornaments for the garden. It’s a great teaching moment, so embrace it!
  • If you want to let them go truly wild, ask for their help painting a section of the garden fencing so that they have their own area coloured in just for them. It’s an excellent way to be crafty in the garden, and you can get them to make a couple of homemade bird feeders and even a birdbath if you’re feeling brave! Add in some colourful gravel, and you have the perfect area for the children to enjoy.
  • Teaching the kids about gardening also means teaching them about composting. Composting not only does well for the environment, but it’s the perfect thing to introduce to reduce your garden waste and help the kitchen, too. Get the children to help to build the compost heap, and teach them about why you use it and what can go in it.
  • One of the most fun things for kids to do in the garden is to grow their own food. You can start with herbs if you don’t want to dive in with proper veggies, but it’s a great way to get them growing to eat their own food. You can also choose fruit and vegetables that will grow quickly rather than take months. It’s the best way to keep the kids engaged.

A garden should look beautiful, so choose your landscaping design wisely and make sure that you include an area for the children, too. You can get them helping with weeding and watering, also, to make this a family project!