3 Incredible Garden Makeover Ideas To Revolutionize Your Outside Space

If you’ve been looking out of the window recently to be confronted by an unruly patch of jungle overflowing with weeds, untamed shrubs and grasses, then it might be time to think about giving your garden a facelift. It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to sell up or whether you’re just looking for an outside space to utilize during the warmer months, there is nothing better than having an al fresco dining area, a hammock or a patio space on which to relax when the sun is shining, and the weather is balmy. Take a look at these incredible garden makeover ideas to give you some much-needed inspiration.




If you are fortunate enough to have a gargantuan space to call your own, don’t simply cover it in grass. While a beautiful lawn is a lovely asset to have at the rear of your property so your kids can kick a ball around and you can take pride in the stripes you mow, this can be a lot of wasted space. Instead, think about creating zones to designate different uses to certain areas of your garden. If you love nothing more than taking a dip when the weather gets unbearably hot, why not add a pool to your ample acreage? Because getting a pool service is so easy to organize and installing a self-cleaning body of water with an inbuilt filter has never been simpler, pools don’t require the massive amount of maintenance that they used to. The addition of a pool is the ultimate in luxury garden design.  You could also setup a space for camping.  There’s nothing that our family loves more than spending time outside, under the stars, roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories around the campfire.  Campingaxs.com is an amazing place to learn about camping and to get your camping supplies!



Often our kitchens and dining spaces back onto our garden. If this is the case with your home, consider creating an outside dining area that adjoins your internal cooking area. The next time you have people over in the summer for an evening soiree, you can fling open the French doors and welcome friends into a patio space adorned with seating, maybe a barbecue and an awning to keep you protected from the elements.



Get Green Fingered

Even if you aren’t the world’s greatest horticulturalist, what is a garden if it doesn’t have plants? Even if you line your garden with some basic wild flowers, a rose bush or two and some daffodils, you can inject a bit of color into an otherwise green space. Flowers will attract wildlife, you’ll be helping the bee population, and you can feel a sense of pride as you tend to your foliage.


If flowers aren’t your thing, why not look into growing some vegetables. The trend for self-sufficiency is exploding with more people than ever growing their own tomatoes, potatoes and herbs. If you have the space within your rear garden, you should eek out every opportunity from it.


Revolutionizing your outside space will seem like a mammoth task, especially if your rear yard looks like a dystopian scene straight out of Day of the Triffids. However, if you take your time, plan out your ideas and create clear zones within your garden, you can give your outside space the much-needed facelift it deserves.


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