Yes, It Is Possible To Get Fitter During Lockdown!

Many countries are having to deal with lockdown/quarantine right now, due to the pandemic that pulled the rug out from under the world. Because of this, lots of fitness enthusiasts and those who vowed to get fit in 2020 have been panicking. Staying confined to your home is not the most ideal way to get/stay fit, but it’s not impossible.

If you want to challenge yourself, then read on for a few ways you can get fitter during lockdown! 

Up Your Step Count 

The easiest way to get fit is to attempt to up your step count. You can do this by going out for a daily walk and seeing how many steps you can do. If you know roughly how many you do at the moment, just try to increase that number by a few thousand steps. You don’t need to go for 15,000 step walks every day if you only currently do about 5,000 per day. Those with sedentary lifestyles could be doing 3,000 a day or less, so just as long as you’re doing more, you’ll be getting fitter. Steadily increase your step count as you feel ready. Walking outdoors has the added benefit of fresh air and sunlight, too! 

Practice Bodyweight Exercises 

Your form is everything, so now is a good time to go back to basics and practice bodyweight exercises. Many people rush into lifting heavy weights when there is a gym available, but this can lead to poor form and imbalances over time. Practice things like push ups, pull ups, the plank, and even squats. Make sure your weight is distributed evenly, ensure you’re keeping everything tight and aligned, and make sure you breathe at the correct moment. Take your time. Working on your form now will make a huge difference when the gyms reopen.  

Make Sure Your Goals Are SMART 

Having goals is great, but if they are not SMART you may struggle to achieve them. Here’s how to set SMART goals:

  • Be Specific – your goal should be specific and narrow.  
  • Ensure It’s Measurable – what evidence will you use to prove that you’re on track?
  • Ensure It’s Achievable – your goal should be reasonable. 
  • Make It Relevant – your goal should align with your values and long term objectives. 
  • Keep It Time based – set a realistic but ambitious end date for task prioritization and motivation.  

Track Your Progress

Another note about tracking your progress: try tracking your progress with performance based goals rather than aesthetics goals. You can take your measurements and pictures, but performance based goals are really motivating when you want to improve your fitness. It doesn’t matter how ‘small’ the goal seems. If it’s motivating for you, it’s a good goal! 

Give Yourself Incentives 

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself incentives. For example, when you’ve mastered a full push up, treat yourself to those American flag leggings you’ve had your eye on. When you can do a pistol squat, invest in that piece of gym equipment you’ve been lusting after. Incentives are a great way to stay motivated!