Your Three Month Glow Up: Get Gorgeous In Time For Spring!

The start of the year is never much fun- it’s cold, dark, wet, and everyone is broke from Christmas. However you can totally use this to your advantage, since your social calendar isn’t likely to be crammed right now you can focus on yourself without feeling like you’re missing out. If you really put your mind to it you could completely transform yourself in three months, and enjoy the spring (and the rest of the year) feeling like the best version of you. Here’s how you can nail that three month glow up!



The start of January, your new year’s resolutions to live healthier are probably going strong. But it’s important that you keep on going when the going gets tough, set yourself a realistic exercise schedule and make sure you stick to it. Mix up your activities, try classes at your local gym as well as things like swimming, yoga and hiking to keep it interesting. If you can find something you really enjoy you’re far more likely to keep it up. If you don’t need to lose or gain any weight but are still unhappy with your figure, a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, a tummy tuck or breast augmentation. These are a big decision so do your research, you can find things like breast augmentation videos and blog posts and articles detailing people’s personal experiences with these procedures so you know what to expect. Eating well will also help you to reach your target weight and ensure your body has the energy it needs to exercise and nutrition needed to thrive and perform well. Aim for half of your diet to consist of fresh produce, and then smaller amounts of protein, grains, dairy and good fats.



Is your hair looking a little sorry for itself post party season? All of that heat styling for Christmas parties combined with harsh winter weather can leave it looking dry and dull. Bring it back to life by first visiting the hairdresser for a trim, ask them to remove any split ends so you can start of the year with a blank canvas of healthy hair. Purchase some hair masks, oils and nourishing conditioners and do regular treatments. Cut back on chemicals and heat styling for the next few months and give it time to grow and repair. By spring it will be looking and feeling far better. When the nice weather rolls back around, you could have some highlights put in at the hairdresser or go a couple fo shades lighter to embrace it and try and new look. Clip in some hair extensions for instant glamour- long, wavy boho style hair is very ‘in’ in the warmer months. So if this is something you want to get on board with.




Drinking plenty of water is one easy way to help keep skin clear and hydrated. But using the right products is important too. Check out skincare blog posts and videos on Youtube and research your skin type. Try some different products and find out what works for you. Apply oils and face masks a couple of times a week, and be sure to remove makeup before bed. If you’re struggling with skin issues, visit a dermatologist so you can get the right treatment. Most issues could be largely sorted within three months.


Will you be attempting a three month glow up so you look gorgeous this spring?


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