Selling Up? Get Your House Sale Ready

Selling your house is a big decision and it is important to present your house as attractively as possible to attract buyers, that are prepared to pay your asking price. You may think your house looks fantastic, it has been your home for a number of years after all, but sometimes your taste may not be universal in its appeal. By following this guide you will be able to make a few changes and adjustments here and there, to increase your home’s appeal to potential buyers.



Find a good agent

You need your estate agent to be on your side when selling your house so that they can fight your corner in achieving the best sale price. Look at recommendations, track selling records and reviews on line and through word of mouth. Ensure that your agent is friendly, well mannered and professional in their approach. They should be knowledgeable about the selling process and be able to answer all your questions. To find out more information on what to expect when selling your home check out this important information. Your agent will assist in the valuing of your property and will advise on the selling price. Make sure you are happy with their valuation before committing to them becoming your agent.


Great first impressions

Ensure that photographs taken to sell your property are of excellent quality and show your home at its best.

Buyers often look at your property from the outside before booking an official appointment to look round. It is important that the entrance to your property looks clean, tidy and well maintained. Weed any paths, cut the lawn and maybe add a few hanging baskets or flower pots.



Declutter your home to make it look as spacious as possible. Furniture may benefit from being rearranged or even put into storage for a while to free up space. Tidy away toys, paperwork and bathrooms. Make sure your kitchen is immaculate and keep items on the work surfaces to a bare minimum. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house to present well when selling.




Remove personal items such as photographs, collections, travel souvenirs, certificates and awards. This allows potential buyers to imagine themselves in your house along with their own personal possessions. You want your buyers to focus on your house rather than become distracted by aspects of your life.



Cleanliness is probably the most important thing to get right when selling your home. Start in one room and clean everything in sight, don’t forget any marks on walls, skirting boards, light switches, floors, window sills, carpets and mantelpieces. Make sure that signs of pets such as bowls and baskets are hidden, the bathroom is clean and there are no smells from cooking, pets, washing etc. You need your house to look fresh and inviting.


Finally get a second opinion on how your house is presented. Get a friend to view your house as if they are a potential buyer and listen to their feedback.


Relax and enjoy searching for your new home!


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