Getting Your Glam On As A Busy Mom: Can It Be Done?

Have you become stuck in the ‘mom style rut’? You know the one. The uniform of comfy leggings, hair pulled back into a scraggly ponytail, fetching dash of baby sick on one of your shoulders? The truth is, feeling remotely glamorous when little people enter the picture is incredibly hard. You have little time and less energy. Looking good feels a bit frivolous after the serious business of bringing a life into the world. And of course, you are 100% within your rights not to care anymore. But sometimes looking good makes you feel good – ever heard of fake til you make it? Those flawless supermoms you see who seem to have it all pulled together? Looking smart can be the catalyst for a mindset that says its okay to practice self-care as well as care for your kids.



It’s All About The Multi-Tasking Prep

When time is in short supply, you need fast results quickly. And the way to get this is by bringing your beauty prep in line with your well-developed multi-tasking skills. Got time for a bath once a week? Use that precious hour to pop on a face mask and a deep conditioner to give you a glow and shiny tresses. Pluck your brows while the kids are in the bath splashing around, or do your pedicure while they have tv time. Any spare five minutes can be pressed into service, because the real secret is doing little and often to look polished with the smallest time investment.


Go For The Long Game

It may seem counter-intuitive but begging, borrowing or stealing the time for a few professional appointments can actually cut down on your daily load. Getting a Shellac pedicure means you don’t have to paint your toenails for a good month and have chip-free glossy color. An LVL Lashes treatment where lashes are lifted and tinted means you can skip mascara and lash curlers on a daily basis. Ditto for a brow tint and shape – no need for an eye pencil. And if you’re self-conscious about your smile finding a great local orthodontist can sort it out with some pro treatments. If these basics are sorted, you can roll out of bed looking almost ready to go – just brush your hair and teeth and swipe on a multi-tasking BB cream that gives you anti-aging goodies, sun protection and a wash of sheer color to blur out skin imperfections and you’re good to go.



Learn Your Beauty Cheats

Sometimes you’ll get one of those days where you’ve been up half the night with an ill child, the dog has misbehaved and you’re all late. On those days you need to find emergency measures. Dry shampoo is a godsend for chasing away greasy roots and eking one more day out of your hair before washing it, and a pair of big shades are a must for hiding tired eyes. A sheer tinted balm can be swiped onto lips and cheeks in a hurry to add a little bit of sheen and color in seconds.


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