Tips For Getting Through This Holiday Season

This time of year is a very exciting time.  It starts with Thanksgiving this week, then proceeds to three different family birthdays before we finally get to the majesty of Christmas.  While it’s full of joy and laughter, it can also be full of stress and breakdowns.  It can sometimes be difficult to overcome the overwhelm of the season.  A few simple tricks have helped save me each year, and I’m praying that they will work again this year.



It’s ok to tune out

When I’m in the kitchen, I get in the zone.  It’s time to focus on the cooking and I don’t really want to have to split that focus with other household duties.  That’s when the magic really happens and the delicious food can begin to pour out of the kitchen.  I pop on my headphones, turn up the tunes in my ears and turn out the chaos of the house around me.  (Note to self here:  Always be reasonable with the volume of the music that you play on your headphones.  I don’t want to have to go to the Atlanta Hearing Doctor to get hearing aids anytime soon because I damaged my hearing.) This provides a time of comfort for me, as cooking is something that I enjoy doing.  Before heading into the kitchen, I’ll set the kids to a task, sometimes a chore or other times a game or activity, and I’ll place their father in charge.  Usually a simple warning of, ‘the food won’t be as yummy if Mommy gets interrupted’ is enough to buy me at least a little bit of peace.


Sometimes you need to check out to get a check up

Ensuring that you stay healthy this time of year is important.  No one wants to be too sick they can’t enjoy the holiday season.  Getting to the doctor to get your flu shot, or some anti-biotics if you aren’t feeling well may seem like time away from what needs to be done, but it is important that you take the time to do it.  Go to to have your feet checked out to ensure that your diabetes won’t leave you in foot pain so bad you can’t stand to be in the kitchen preparing those delicious Christmas Cookies.  Head on over to the doctor to ensure that your blood pressure medicine is working properly, because we all know that while the holidays are a wonderful time, they are also a very stressful time.  Basically, just make sure that you are putting your health as a priority too.


Remember the Reason for the Season

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we forget why we are doing it.  It’s not about getting the best, most expensive, greatest amount of presents (which you have no idea how to pay for).  It’s not about making the most perfectly decorated, wow the crowd cookies.  This season is a time of family togetherness, a time to create lasting memories with the people you care most about.  It’s a time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus and to focus on the gifts that He has given to you.  So if the cookies don’t come out perfect, or there are only a couple of presents under the tree – that’s ok.  Spend quality time playing games with your children.  Allow them to decorate some of the gingerbread men too.  Laugh.  Love.  Live.  That’s what this season is all about.