5 Gift Ideas To Bridge The Gap in 2021

In our current scenario, we’ve had various celebrations and events that went by without us being able to fully enjoy them. Be it a friend’s birthday or a graduation ceremony, our celebration for many special occasions involved simply wishing the person virtually.

Going all-out with our celebration – from bespoke caterers to hiring a professional photographer, it’s something that isn’t quite possible anymore. 

With family and friends away and restrictions on gatherings, many elements of our celebrations have become non-existent, including gifts.

That said, since we’re unsure of what lies ahead, making the most of what we have is the best way to stay grateful and appreciative. By making those closest to you feel loved and supported, even though you’re away, you can bridge the gap between the both of you. 

Since gifts are always well-received, they are a great idea to put a smile on someone’s face. By sending your nearest and dearest bespoke gifts, you can make sure to express the gratitude and love you feel for them and help them make their day more special.

We have put together a list of memorable gift ideas that are sure to help you bridge the gap in 2021.

Let’s take a look!

1. Self-Care Baskets

From moisturisers and scented candles to luxury chocolates and healthy snacks, a self-care basket is one of the best gifts to make someone feel special especially for an important occasion or celebration. Since many of us did our best to get through the lockdown, a self-care basket serves as the ultimate indulgence we all deserve.

The very definition of pampering and indulgence, a self-care basket is always appreciated and can be the tiny nudge everyone needs to take moments for themselves to relax and unwind.

Moreover, the gesture is sure to make the receiver feel touched and happy making your gift successful in bridging the gap.

2. A Personalised Potted Plant

If the person you’re gifting has a green thumb or is working on developing one, a small plant is a great gift idea you should consider. Since plants are always beneficial for every home, as a gift for a special occasion, they serve as a great idea.

Moreover, many businesses offer the option of personalising a pot by engraving a name, message or selecting a unique colour. You could use this and leave a sentimental message or a thoughtful quote for your friend to make the gift all the more special. 

Pro tip: You can consider attaching a funny card that has plant-related puns to make this plant gift even more memorable.

3. A Book Subscription

Since many of us spend most of our time at home, we might tend to have some free time at hand. During this period, doing something that is productive and helps you grow can help you make the most of the current situation. That said, consider gifting your friend or family a book subscription.

Books are one of the best ways to be productive and stay busy, and can be a great gift for celebrations and important occasions.

Leveraging the lockdown by improving yourself through books is a great idea too. Moreover, by giving a book club subscription, your friend or family will have something to look forward to every month.

That said, a book subscription is something highly beneficial; it’s a great gift idea to make those close to you feel happy.

4. Scented Candles

A warm and soothing atmosphere can do wonders for our stress levels and scented candles are of the best mediums in achieving this; consider sending your close ones scented candles as a gift for 2021.

Whether it is a Yankee candle from Clintons or an aromatherapy candle from Bath and Body Works, these fragrant scents freshen up your home while also creating a soothing atmosphere. Moreover, they serve as a great gift idea, especially for those who spend most of their time at home.

If you have enough funds to spare, however, you could consider sending a trio-set to make the gift even more indulgent; your gift receiver is sure to have a smile on their face after receiving this.

5. An Artwork Of Your Own

If you want your gifts to have a more personal touch, consider sending your nearest and dearest an artwork of your own to make sure they feel special.

Since creating art is no easy task and requires a fair share of time, you could personalise it according to the likes or preferences of the individual you are gifting; through this, you’re sure to make them happy with your artwork.

Moreover, a personal touch is always going to be appreciated; get creative and get it touch with your artistic side by creating bespoke artwork for your nearest and dearest.

To Sum Up

Sending gifts to those who are close to you is a great way to make them feel special, irrespective of the distance.

By reaching out to your friend through gifts, you can ensure that you help them feel happy and appreciated.

Everybody deserves to celebrate a special occasion and feel loved; by following these ideas you can make those you love feel happy and connected by bridging the gap through bespoke gifts!