Gifted Garages: 5 Stunning Uses That Can Inspire Your Upcoming Upgrade

A garage is a luxury item that most homeowners desire. In reality, though, very few that are lucky enough to boast one actually make good use of it. If yours has gone unloved, this summer is the perfect time to make a transformation. The first step of the process is to gain a vision of what you want to achieve.



This part of the family home is far more versatile than you’d think. Here are just five simple yet stunning ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Home Gym

Everyone loves the idea of getting fit. However, the thought of driving to the gym, paying a membership, and having weirdos gazing as you work out isn’t as appealing. Given that the garage is separate from the rest of the home, it’s the perfect place to have a treadmill and some weights. Just remember that it can get particularly hot, so investing in a fan is essential. The strong walls can also be used for installing punch bags and other equipment. Above all else, a gym tailored to your needs is more likely to get used.



DIY Space

DIY has become an increasingly common part of our lives. Not only is it good for our bank balances, but it also allows us to manufacture or modify products that are tailored to our tastes. Visit for the facilities needed to work. Follow this up with some storage, perhaps utilising the high ceilings with the use of hooks or shelving. With those items in place, following the tutorials you’ve seen on YouTube should be easy.



Most modern families have to settle for homes that are slightly smaller than they’d like. If you’re calling out for an extra bedroom, the garage could be used to save the need for extensions. Windows, electric outlets and HVAC will be needed to make it liveable. Turning the garage into a bedroom can be achieved, though. It might not always be the best option financially. For anyone seeking greater comfort for all the family, though, it is ideal.


Home Office

Anybody that works from home knows that there are a number of hurdles to overcome. A home office located in the garage can quickly overcome most of those issues. It needs to be a comfortable living space that also encourages productivity. Avoid overcrowding, and focus only on the essentials needed for your specific job, and you’ll be just fine. Depending on where the kitchen is located, you may also want to buy a mini fridge or water cooler.



Car Storage

Alternatively, you could use the garage for its intended function, only better. A decluttering session and new lighting will make the inside far more accommodating. Meanwhile, you can visit to find out about the best garage doors. When combined with a few coats of paint, the whole space will feel bigger and better than ever. This is still the best way to keep your cars stored overnight. Given that it’s the first part of the property you’ll interact with when returning home, this can be truly rewarding.


See, suddenly that garage upgrade doesn’t sound so boring.


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