Gifting Your Kids A Piece Of Your Heart

Raising children is one of the best things to do with your life. Beyond the positive effect, it has on society in that you’re contributing to the prolonging of the next generation even. It’s something that is meaningful on a much deeper level. Emotionally it’s a very powerful statement to raise your own children and bring them up in a way that helps them to carry on your values. Teaching them from right and wrong is just one of the inklings of knowledge you’re sprinkling onto them. However planting a seed in them of your own love for them, is something that needs thought and action. You won’t be here forever, so wouldn’t it be great for you to level behind things that will remind them of your care when they were young? Showing them you were there for them in every way as they were growing up, could be the things they cherish most beyond riches and possessions they accumulate in the future.



Make a book together

Reading to children is vital to their intellectual growth. Sitting down and taking them on complex moral journeys is the basis that many parents use to communicate values. Stories are a way for children to run away in their imagination and in fact, make better sense of the world around them. Set yourself a task of creating a book together with your child. Talk to them about their favorite kinds of books and who would they deem as their best characters and why. When you have a mishmash of all the things they like, get them involved in this arts and craft project. Both of you can make up the people and animals involved in the plot, create the narrative from scratch and make the ending somehow connected to them. This is just the beginning as you will then decide on the length of the story, coloring in all the pages and pictures that will be hand drawn is next. Finishing the book by putting any final touches on it such as glitter, stickers, and photographs of your child at the end, along with a personal message they can understand when they’re older is all you need next.


Singing songs

What parents learn right from the off that singing song to your kids is incredibly effective in a number of ways. If they’re up in the middle of the night and can’t get to sleep, being there for them and singing lullabies to them will calm their nerves. On top of this, they’ll learn to trust your voice on a psychological level as it makes them relax and feels safe as they fall asleep. With Nationwide Disc you can record your songs and then put them onto a CD. They are also mastering services which they use to balance the tracks, bring out the best sound quality possible and make an altogether professional sounding CD. Sing classic nursery rhymes together, or make songs up out of completely original creations. Whatever style you go for, leaving them this CD behind will give make for a heartfelt gift. When they’re older, and perhaps when you’re no longer with them, they can put the music on and reminisce those times you had together.


Gifting your children with a piece of your heart will give them solid proof that you were always there for them. An emotional connection that is tangible and real, they’ll never forget the times you made an effort to spend time with them and be a big part of their lives growing up.


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