Mom Knows Best – Gifts for Young Sons

Buying gifts for your son can be a tricky affair. As they grow older, they get more distant in certain aspects – and stop sharing stories and conversations about the things they like. It requires a bit of research and strong observational skills to identify the things your son would appreciate.



Formal Apparel

If you want to buy your son clothes, then formal wear is always a good choice. He probably has what he likes in terms of casual wear and as a parent, you may not be aware of the latest street fashion trends. Formal wear, on the other hand, stays relevant longer than fast fashion so you can gift him something that is precious and sophisticated.


Formals would require you to know the accurate size measurements. Because you are buying a gift, it will be impossible to get your son go for a measurement without spoiling the surprise. Instead, throw in some subtle questions in casual conversations that will make him discuss sizes and preferences.


One of the most basic items in a formal wardrobe is the white shirt. If your son does not have much of a formal collection, here is your chance to give him the most basic and important piece. Smart casual jackets are also a great wardrobe addition. They are versatile so he can wear them with denim and other casuals too. If you know your son’s shoe-size, then a pair of fancy Oxfords or brogues will be a dashing gift choice.


If your son is still trying to find his feet as a working adult or if he is still in school or college, he will appreciate these gifts. Formal clothes are expensive for most people and he probably wouldn’t have the budget to consider buying items like jackets or coats. Stitch a personalized tag inside the lining so he will treasure his gift even more.


Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry for men is making a comeback and these gifts maintain a value for a long time. Most men are comfortable with simple chain necklaces and pendants, and ear studs (if you son has piercings). Keep things simple. Jewelry for men is meant to provide an accent to the outfit rather than steal the show. If your son is not familiar with wearing jewelry, do not buy something too ornate or noticeable. Small-looped silver or gold chains are a safe choice.


A bracelet might seem like an outlandish thought at first, but there is a whole range of aesthetically appealing and masculine designs available. Bracelets go very well with certain types of formals. They should be tight so they hug the wrist and if your son wears finger rings, make sure you choose a matching metal.


Cufflinks are another sublime gift idea. They are elegant and add an understated fashion element to his formal outfit. Your son will appreciate this enduring fashion statement. Tie pins are also great gifts – they are low-key, yet classy.


When choosing jewelry for your son, keep a few things in mind. Men’s jewelry is more metal oriented with minimal embellishments. Avoid designs with too many precious stones. What is his skin tone? If he has a cool skin tone, where the veins of his arm are visible, metals like silver or platinum will suit him. If he has a warm skin tone, where the veins are not visible, choose gold or something of a similar hue.


You don’t have to just stick to gold or silver tones. Bronze and copper tones are also very attractive and there are many pieces and designs available. They may not match all outfits as naturally as gold or silver but they do look very distinct when worn with the right clothes.



A watch is a gift that your son will treasure for a long time. It is a style statement and it is something that he can use every day so it has a pragmatic appeal too. Here is how to choose a watch that your son will love and flaunt.


High-end mechanical and automatic watches are considered the most valuable and aesthetic of all watches. They have perfectly smooth movements and do not need batteries. There is a lot of personality attached to these watches and they can be passed down generations, adding to the allure as time passes by. These timepieces make great gifts for a coming-of-age occasion. It can be his eighteenth birthday, his graduation or first day at his new job. Some of the popular traditional watches include chronographs and field watches, which also reflect an active lifestyle.


Digital watches too come with their own advantages. There have more features than mechanical ones and are thus a more practical choice. Depending on the kind of environment your son spends time in, digital watches might be more suited than mechanical pieces – a university for instance. Some digital watches nowadays come with navigation features, perfect if your son drives a car or loves going for hikes and treks.


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Personalized Gifts

Gifts with an emotional quotient are always appreciated and there is no better you can make this happen than by personalizing them. Something as simple as a mug printed with a summer vacation picture of the two of you from years ago will be a piece that he will certainly cherish. More than the gift, it is the beautiful memory that you are sharing.


Engraved gifts are a classic option. It could be a rustic wooden utility box where he can keep his tools or gadgets. Watches and jewelry items too can be engraved; another reason why they make very good gifts. Etch his name with a personal message but keep it subtle and use a minimalist font.


Wallets, key chains, coasters, padlocks are just some of the common daily usage things that can be elevated with a heartfelt personal message. Stationery is another timeless gift idea. In the days of smartphones and laptops, a personalized stationary set with engraved pens is a very charming and old-school present.


Encouraging a Healthy Lifestyle

All moms worry about their sons’ health. A gift that subtly suggests a change of lifestyle or encourages a positive habit is very apt. All the shopping websites and malls are loaded with diverse gadgets and books that promote healthy lifestyles so you will have a lot of options.


The fitness band is the rage nowadays. Your son might enjoy measuring his progress and start to take his fitness routine more seriously. Jogging shoes and sports equipment are also thoughtful presents. A Go-Pro camera or apparel related to outdoors activities can also be good catalysts. There are lots more simple and innovative products for health and fitness that you can explore.


You can get creative and buy him an easy-to-use sandwich maker or juicer that will spur him to make home-cooked meals rather than eat out. Gift coupons from a health grocery store are a smart gift. They will help him with his grocery expenses and also push him towards a healthier diet. If you notice an inner chef in your son, a healthy recipe book might not be a bad idea.


A gift is a tangible connection of your relationship with your son. It represents the care and love that you have for him. Rather than worry about buying an expensive gift, focus on the things or encouragement he may need. It could be a token of appreciation, a memory manifested in a unique curio or it could be something that he will wear. Whatever you give is guaranteed to find a special place in his home and heart.