Six Ways To Give Your Child An Advantage In Life

Everyone wants to know the winning formula for success. Ultimately we want happiness for our children but what if we could give them that and more, much more. Some people seem to have had a head start in life and not just financially. It had to start somewhere. How a child is nurtured can set them up for life and decide what type of person they will be. The road to success starts young. So how can we give our children that advantage. Here are a few basic ideas you could be influencing your children with.





Turn off that television and make a trip to the library. There are several advantages to being well read that could really give your child the upper hand. Becoming a strong reader will enhance their verbal and written skills. This will help them become a more confident speaker and people will naturally want to listen to what they have to say. Strong speakers make good leaders. Reading will also improve your child’s creativity levels. There vocabulary will grow allowing them to think outside the box and come up with winning ideas. It can also make them more focused and able to concentrate better. Reading to your child at night is a great way of letting them fall in love with books. Other benefits are greater knowledge of subject matter and stress reduction. If your child enjoys reading then an enthusiasm for learning can carry on into their adult life.


Learn a second language

Knowing a second language is a superb life tool to have. Learning another language can become increasingly difficult the older you get so teaching it to your child when they are young will give them the best chance. Research has shown that knowing two or more languages can make your mind think different and boost your creative thinking. Future employers will love that they have it written down on their cv. This will make their chances of getting a job higher. It can also increase your child’s confidence which will make them more likely to make strong life choices. Studies have also shown that it will increase your attention span and make your problem solving skills stronger.




A fantastic smile is a sure sign of happiness and having a winning smile can be a great asset. People find it attractive and it gives off an impression of immediate likability which can really take you places. If your teeth have been allowed to rot from an early age then they may need a complete makeover. You could check out this dentist’s site for ideas on cosmetic surgery. You can help your children’s oral health by monitoring the amount of sugar they are consuming. Avoid fizzy drinks as much as possible. You will be shocked to see just how much sugar is in there. Getting into the routine of brushing your teeth is a great course of action. Once in the morning and once before bed for about two minutes with fluoride toothpaste is a good idea. If your child’s teeth have grown in at strange angles it may be well worth investing in an orthodontist to straighten them out with braces.


Exercising the mind and body. Getting out in the fresh air and playing a sport is a great way of encouraging your child to socialise with others. Having good people skills is a massive benefit in life. Again it can lead to great leadership skills. Sports will also reduce your child’s risk of obesity. Getting exercise without thinking about it is a great way of keeping fit and healthy. Sports can increase your ability to balance and coordinate not just physically but mentally as well. They can also teach from an early age that hard work pays off which will develop a strong working attitude building their character and helping them thrive in the workplace. Tiring them out on the field also helps them to get a better sleep at night. A good night’s sleep will make your child more alert and better at problem solving. Teamwork is also important. A good understanding of this can all be learned through sport. Let your child try out a couple of different sports to see what they are good at and enjoy. You might even discover one you want to join yourself.



Arts and crafts

Stimulate your child’s creative side. Find activities that allow them to express themselves. Playing with materials, building, drawing and painting are all great ways of losing yourself in the world of art. This can be a great way of letting the imagination grow. With a strong imagination a child can grow into a brilliant problem solver. Sometimes it can be hard to understand the world with just words. Art is an opportunity to discover who they are and where they fit into the world. Getting better at art requires focus and determination which are great skills to take into adult life. Make sure it’s on the schools curriculum and if there isn’t enough then make some time at home. Get the paints out and don’t be afraid to get messy.


Go exploring

It’s not always financially possible to go on big trips around the world but there will always be something fun and new to discover in your own area if you look hard enough. Find out if there are any museums near you that you could visit together. Having a sound knowledge of the world and other cultures creates a much more understanding person. Museums are filled with facts and stories that you can learn from. Getting outside and exploring can boost your self esteem and it’s never boring. There’s so much to be learned from nature itself. Learning to really look at what’s going on makes you more observant which can lead to higher intelligence and great social skills.


Setting your children up for life is the most rewarding thing you can do. Life can be tough but these helpful tips will be sure to give them a leg up.


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