Should You Be Giving Your Health More Attention?

When you’re young, busy, and caring for a family, you can’t stop and worry about your health. There simply isn’t time. After all, you’re going to get a cold because the little ones have it now. And you’re going to be in a foul mood for about a week by the end of the month because that’s the cycle. But when should you stop and take stock of your current health? Perhaps when you figure out that your future health depends on it!



Skin Breakouts

These might have plagued you back in high school. Thankfully they’re pretty rare these days. But when they do flare up, what do you do about it? It’s worth stopping to think about why your skin has erupted when you’re a couple of decades past your teenage years. It’s not normal, and it shouldn’t happen. There are a few possible reasons:


Your pores are blocked – this might have happened if the environment you work in is particularly polluted with particles of dirt. It can happen when you don’t exfoliate very often, or forget to cleanse thoroughly after a workout. A deep cleansing face mask might be all you need to get back on track.


You have boils, not pimples – boils are a sign of an infection, and if they’re on your face, you need to let a doctor take a look. Chances are some antibiotics can help, but you might need them drained. They could develop into something more serious so get them checked.


Stress – the stress hormones like cortisol can cause outbreaks in your skin. Some of this is due to excess oil production when we’re under pressure. Take a time out and reduce your workload for a week to see some improvement.



Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Your weight shouldn’t be yo-yoing at any point in your life. If you’re finding that your weight has changed suddenly, you really need to address why. Your diet might be the first thing to examine. If you’re not eating enough foods in each of the main food groups, then this might be to blame. It can also be a cause of ill health. You need your vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, and protein!


If your diet is good, but your weight is still piling on, then it’s possible that your portion sizes might need a little adjustment. This is especially true if you’re not getting regular exercise. An active lifestyle is a norm for most busy moms, but exercise is in a different league. Exercises should aim to increase your heart rate and work your muscles. It should help improve your flexibility, strength and stamina. Moderate walking for a few minutes each day might not be enough. Can you ramp it up anymore?


Weight loss might be a sign of a metabolic problem. Sometimes the thyroid gland becomes overactive. If you struggle to rest at night, this might be one of the first things your doctor examines. Weight loss might be a sign you’re doing too much exercise and not eating enough. It might also be a sign of more serious health conditions. Chat with your doctor.


Feeling Soooooo Tired

Tiredness happens from time to time. But if you’re so tired day after day and struggle to keep your eyes open, then something is wrong. If you sleep with a partner, ask if you’re snoring. Snoring might be a sign of sleep apnea, and this should be checked out by your doctor. Excess sugar in your diet can also make you feel excessively tired in the day. Cut it down and see how you feel.


Hypothyroidism is sometimes to blame. If your skin is pale, your hair is thinning, and your features are a little puffy, have a chat with your doctor about checking your thyroid function. Did you know that a lack of exercise can make you feel lethargic too? It’s hard when you’re tired but try to get out there and enjoy the activity.



Lumps And Bumps

No lumps and bumps under your skin should ever be ignored. Sure, most are nothing to worry about, but others might be liposarcoma symptoms. Most women change shape a little each month. And yes, the odd lumpy bit turns up. But if it doesn’t disappear later in your cycle, it’s time you made an appointment with your doctor.


Most lumpy, bumpy bits turn out to be nothing more than an inflammation or excess of fluid. Some could be a symptom of cancerous growths, though. If you’re ever worried about a change in your limbs or joints, then speak to a specialist or your doctor. Many cancers are not caused by your lifestyle choices but simply a case of genetics. Of course, making healthy choices in life can reduce your risk of cancers occurring.


Ditch Bad Habits And Create Good Habits For Life

You may be young today, but if you want to enjoy a healthy seniorhood, then you need to make sure you’re healthy today. The sooner you ditch the bad habits and make your health your priority, the sooner you can relax about your health later in life. After all, we’re living longer and longer. Nobody wants to spend decades as a senior living with ill health.


When you consider diets and exercise programs, it’s worth choosing the ones that you can see yourself still doing in your eighties and nineties. Anything that is too extreme for an older person to keep up is probably not going to be useful beyond a few months for you now. Healthy habits for life are the easiest to stick with because they become routine. So go on, make them routine starting today.


Are you giving your health enough attention? Imagine if you were to fall seriously ill while your children are still at home with you. Can you take care of them and yourself? Don’t be afraid to put your wellness first. You’re needed, remember.


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