How to Glam Up in 10 Minutes for a Surprise Party

No matter how good you are at partying, getting ready for surprise nights out can be a challenge. We don’t have the right makeup on, we need to sort out our hair, and get the looks that are suitable for the night out. Next time your other half surprises you with a party or dinner, you can use the below tips to get ready in no time and look your best, even if you were not prepared.



Instant Lashes

If you would like to look great and radiant in just a few seconds, have some instant lashes in your beauty cupboard ready to go. This way, you can effortlessly improve your looks without having to book an appointment with your beautician. Instant lashes only take a few minutes, provided that you have the kit to put them on. They are great for weekends away and surprise parties.


Instant Eye Makeup

A new invention that can make applying party make up easy and fast. Instead of trying to get the perfect smoky eyes and making a mess because you are in a hurry, you could get your eyeliner and shadow stencilled on your eyes. There are different varieties of instant eye makeup, and if you have one or two in store, you can look glam in a few minutes.



Hair Extensions

If you haven’t been planning on going to a party or having a dinner in a five-star restaurant, chances are you are between haircuts, and the condition of your hair is less than perfect. If you have a few tape in hair extensions at home, you can create the perfect look without the effort. Make sure that you get a quality product that perfectly matches your hair color, and is the perfect length for your haircut.


Spray-on Touch-up

If you have been neglecting hair care, and are overdue a color appointment, you can use a spray-on touch-up hair color to make those unsightly roots disappear. You can get these in your local beauty shop, and they come handy when you are short of time, and need to look your best. Use them when you have a surprise dinner, interview, or meeting and your stylist is not available.



Dry Shampoo

If you need to leave the house in a matter of hours, you might not want to start washing and styling your hair. If you have long hair and it hasn’t been washed for a few days, you can apply dry shampoo that will restore the shine and texture of your hair, getting rid of excess oil. This item is a must-have for busy mums’ cosmetics box, and can save you a lot of time when you can’t spend hours washing your hair and conditioning it. Make sure, however, that you do not use this as an alternative of your hair care routine.

Whenever you are short of time, and you have a surprise dinner coming up, you need to be prepared. Test shortcuts that will improve your looks in a few minutes, and stock up on instant makeover cosmetics that can help you deal with emergency appointments.


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