Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter is one of those holidays that I both love and dread at the same time.  I love the spiritual meaning behind the holiday.  I love the family togetherness that usually occurs in celebration of it.  I love the joy of my kids faces when they get their baskets or have the fun of finding the hidden eggs.  There are many things that make the Easter season an amazing time of year; however, there are some aspects that I am not so fond of.  Mainly, one aspect.  The candy.  Everywhere you turn, you’ll find Easter candy galore!  Store bought baskets are full of it.  Easter eggs from all the hunts that you attend are stuffed with it.  Candy, candy, candy.  While I don’t mind my kids having candy in moderation, it’s something that we treat more as a special reward than something they need to eat an entire basket full of.  So, when I plan our Easter activities, I try to leave candy out of the equation as much as possible.  We still have all the fun, just without all the sugar.  Candy isn’t inside the eggs I prepare, Lumistick Glow Sticks are!


If you think your children get excited about the church’s Easter egg hunt, just wait until you surprise them with your own, at home, glow in the dark egg hunt!  With only a little bit of preparation, you can have this hunt ready – and if your kids are like my kids, it’s one that they can and will have over and over again.


The supply list for this hunt is super short and pretty inexpensive.  You’ll want to get the plastic Easter Eggs and some glow sticks.  I use Lumistick as my go to glow sticks.  They sell the usual bracelets and necklaces, but they also sell them in convenient 2 inch size which fit perfectly inside of the plastic eggs.  Lumisticks are non-toxic, non-flammable and non-radioactive.  Which removes all fear of giving them even to the smallest of children as they won’t hurt them even if they do manage to bite through the wrapper.  (Which is harder to do than you would think with these!  My husband cut one open to play around last night and they were surprisingly strong.)


Setup is a breeze as well.  Simply snap the glowsticks, give them a little shake and put one inside each egg.  You’ll get a beautiful site inside the basket.  Have a little fun mixing different colored glowsticks in the different colored eggs or match the color of the sticks to the color of the eggs.  Some color combinations shine a bit brighter than others – which could make your hunt easier or harder.  The only thing left to do is hide the eggs.  For little kids, simply laying them in the yard or on simple things is great fun.  If you’ve got older kids, try hiding them in harder places.  The glow will help them to be seen, so make it as challenging or easy as you see fit!


Another benefit to this type of egg hunt is the repeatability.  Since there isn’t candy to be claimed (and thus no longer there after the hunt), there is no reason that the eggs can’t be hidden again, and again, and again the same night!  Last night, my children had the joy of hiding and finding eggs for almost two hours before I had to call them in for bed.  The Lumisticks were still glowing just as bright as when we first snapped them!  With a shelf life of 2 years, I foresee many, many hunts in our future!



What do you usually put in your Easter eggs for the hunt?

What are your favorite uses for glow sticks?

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post.  I received a sample for review purposes.  The post contains my 100% honest opinion based on my experience.

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