Being A Good Mother Can Mean Being A Good Daughter

As our parents age, it can be difficult to come to terms with the growing needs they might have of you. You should never have to overly babysit and mother your own parents (you have your own life too,) but sometimes a little extra care and administrative bearing of responsibility can help them experience a more comfortable later stage of life.


Sometimes, being a good mother to your children can also mean flexing your positive muscles as a daughter, because you can be sure there will come a time where you will require the same help. Your children will witness this and see how all generations of the family will band together to help one another – which is often the most beautiful and redeeming virtue a family can have.


But how on earth should this be enacted? Preferably you’re looking for help that can be achieved in a practical, timely and sustainable way. We hope these following tips should help you on that front:



Help Them Clean

Cleaning can be a tough job for everyone. As people age, they become less prone to completing it, due to movement difficulties or how tiring the work is. This isn’t to label elderly people as dirty or lazy, just that keeping the same cleaning schedule can take a lot more internal effort to achieve. Making an excuse to visit and helping them dust and move some of the heavier furniture out of the way for vacuuming can help them stay away from the grim and dirt which might not be the healthiest for them to continually be in the presence of. It also allows you to bond over a simply and meditative activity. If you have the time to spare, it can speak volumes about your love for them.


If you do not have the time to spare (it’s not always easy,) but have a little bit of extra cash to play with, why not hire them a trustworthy cleaner? This can help them keep a little more social contact while ensuring that responsibility is taken care of at the same time each week.



Assisted Living

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family member is to find them the best senior home care. This is significantly true if they suffer from a form of physical disability. Assisted living is famed for being compassionate, caring, continually hosting events and visits of interest, and keeping a precise eye on diets and medications. Another resoundingly positive feature of assisted living facilities are the social opportunities they afford. An elderly person needs to stay active both cognitively and physically to whatever degree they can, and when surrounded by people they enjoy the company of they can experience a resurgence in quality of life.


If they’re not receptive to the idea, be sure to emphasize this point. It’s very easy to retreat into yourself when you believe yourself ‘all washed up,’ but being elderly is not a full stop, more like an excellent question mark which affords you the opportunity to communicate, express and discuss all the life experiences you have had with people of a similar age. This can be resoundingly beneficial to the mental health of anyone, and particularly the elderly.


By taking care of these tips, you will become a daughter of immense value, and a mother of excellent example.