3 Things to Be Grateful for in Everyday Life, When You’re Going Through a Rough Patch

Life can be pretty rough sometimes. Hopefully, most of us will be doing pretty well most of the time, but there is simply no getting around the fact that some degree of trouble is always coming our way, and that there will always be rough patches to contend with.


When you’re navigating a rough patch in your life, it’s very important not only to find the motivation to continue moving forward in a positive sense, but also to find and develop your sense of gratitude for the things in everyday life that can serve as a source of hope and meaning.


This article isn’t specific, in the sense of telling you to be grateful for the clothes in your wardrobe, or the food on your table. It’s more general, but hopefully more broadly applicable.



Here are some things to be grateful for in everyday life, when you’re going through a rough patch.



  • The fact that the systems you benefit from actually work, and keep chaos and confusion at bay



If you live in a first world developed country, in particular, there are inevitably going to be hundreds, or thousands, of systems operating around you at any given point in time, that you benefit from.


Amazingly, the systems actually work, most of the time, and serve as a bulwark against the chaos and confusion that would otherwise ensue.


Reminding yourself of this fact, and being grateful for it, can really help to give you a sense of perspective.


Because, you may completely take an appliance like a Tsurumi submersible pump for granted – until your basement floods. And you may take your boiler for granted – until it stops working in midwinter, and leaves you shivering for days on end during the repair process.



  • Your own potential to rise to the challenges of life and redefine yourself



Human beings are truly remarkable creatures, for all sorts of different reasons. One thing to feel grateful about in particular, is your own potential to rise to the challenges of life, and redefine yourself.


People have withstood war, disease, and all kinds of different forms of hardship before. That means that you have it in you to withstand whatever you are currently facing a life – although it will take some work.


What’s more, if you’re unhappy with your position in life, you always have the ability to redefine yourself in various ways. It’s never too late to start a fitness programme, begin a household budget, or start up a side business.



  • The little comforts and pleasures of everyday life



There will always be certain little comforts and pleasures present in everyday life that can help to give you a little boost, and get you through difficult times if you’re paying attention to them.


All too often, we tend to take these little blessings for granted, however.


Next time you find yourself enjoying or appreciating something small in your life, pause for a moment to appreciate it and be grateful for it.


This could mean that morning cup of coffee, or a beautiful sunrise.