Don’t Go Green With Envy – Make Your Home Eco-Friendly

Take a look around the neighborhood: are you the only one without an eco-friendly home? If you are, don’t despair because a newer, greener house is just around the corner. And let’s face it – it’s well worth the hassle for lower energy bills. Before you make the switch, there are stumbling blocks to consider. After all, you don’t want to get it wrong and waste a small fortune in the process. With that in mind, these are tips which will help you create a green property that is the talk of the town. Are you ready? Then let’s get cracking!



Hire The Right Renovators

Certain features of eco-friendly homes are not doable without professional help. For example, solar panels are difficult to install without the right knowledge and experience. Of course, the company that doubles up as your partner has a significant role to play. Not only do they need to be effective and efficient, but they also need to be green too. What’s the point in hiring a team of contractors that only increase the property’s carbon footprint? A quick glance at should tell you everything you need to know because it’s a turnkey company. If not, search online for renovators that treat the environment with respect.


Choose Savvy Solutions

There are two options to power a residential house: solar and wind energy. Still, you can’t pick one on a whim and hope for the best because panels or a turbine may not work. To be sure, it’s essential to research which renewable power source is the most effective for your house. For example, the wind may blow stronger and longer in your town or city than the sun shines. At, you can learn everything you need to know in a bitesize post. Just don’t forget to factor in space and money.


Do The Basics

Have you ever heard the phrase “the best do the basics well?” It’s a fancy way of saying stick to the simple things and you will be successful. In essence, it is true and it relates to eco-friendly homes, which is why you need to focus on the small things. Although they seem insignificant in comparison, they are often the lifeblood of the process. So, always recycle plastic products and separate your waste. Also, change traditional bulbs to energy-saving light bulbs. Next, turn the central heating down low and maintain it at a constant heat. Last but not least, switch off appliances at the socket.



Go Au Naturel

Helping the environment means not using items which leave a footprint. The best way to do this is to use the ultimate power source: the sun. You may already have panels in place, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing else to do. Indeed, it’s only the beginning. By opening the curtains or blinds fully, the light will bathe the entire house and increase the temperature. Then, there is no reason to turn up the thermostat. Or, by painting the exterior black in the winter, the house will absorb heat effectively.


There’s nothing to it, so what’s stopping you from creating a home that helps the planet?


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