For You, For The Earth: Smart Ways to Greenify Your Home

There are a lot of strong reasons why every household should adopt more green friendly practices, but they get no more compelling than: it’ll save them a lot of money! OK, it’ll also be super good for the earth, especially if we all join in. As we begin to understand more and more about mankind’s impact on the natural world, it’s all our responsibility to put a little bit more effort in. But this won’t be a chore: by greenifying your home, you’ll also be making your home a more modern and enjoyable place to be.



Upgrade Your Appliances

Your appliances might be snapping up energy like there’s no tomorrow, and you might not even realize it! If your energy bills are higher than you’d like (and whose aren’t?), then it might be worth taking a look at your big appliances, such as your washer, dryer, and boiler.  Old machines weren’t built with efficiency in mind; new ones are.  You could even look into solar powered appliances such as the water heaters you can find at Once you’ve upgraded your appliances, you’ll notice that your bills are cheaper – and what’s more, you’ll be doing your bit for your other home that isn’t your house: the earth.


Look at Your Materials

Take a look around your home. You’ve got a lot of stuff! Even someone who adopts the minimalist lifestyle has a couch, sheets, and, you know, four walls and a roof. The question is, are the materials that make up your home as earth-friendly as they could be? If not, consider switching them out for better alternatives. Bamboo bed sheets, for example, are luxuriously soft, have virtually no impact on the environment, and last much longer than the cotton variety. It’s not just inside your home that you should look at, either. Switching to a metal roof may be a good idea; they’re also longer lasting and have less of a carbon footprint.  You could also get a filter for your home air or water.  The website is a wonderful place to learn more about that.


In the Garden

You can get a whole range of earth-friendly initiatives set up in your garden, which also allow you to have fun and do something as a family. For example, you can grow your own vegetables, and enjoy the fruits (heh) of your labor on your dinner plate. You can also throw all of your food waste into a compost box – it’ll be great for your garden – and collect rainwater. By making just a few additions to your garden, you can make your property an eco-powerhouse!



Use Tech The Right Way

No-one’s going to suggest that you revert to the standards of the 18th century. We need to live in comfort! However, you can make a few changes to ensure you’re using your lights and heating in the right way. You can install a smart thermostat, and control your heating from the comfort of your chair, and also switch out your light bulbs for more earth-friendly alternatives.


Upcycling Your Old Goods

Finally, remember that you don’t need to throw anything away! There are plenty of upcycling projects that’ll breathe new life into your old goods. This is fun, creative, and good for the earth. Nice!


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