Happy And Bright People Avoid These Christmas Horrors

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? It must be true because the song says so! Well, maybe if you are ten or under, but for us grownups, Christmas time can be full of stress and hassle. Particularly, if something goes wrong on the evening of Christmas Eve, as it leaves very little time to resolve the issue before the big day. With that in mind, read on to discover the worst things that can happen on Christmas Eve, and how you can avoid them, ensuring your December 25th truly is happy and bright.



The kids ask for a random gift

If you are the sort of person that gets their Christmas shopping finished by the end of October, you may be feeling pretty pleased with yourself. Especially if they are wrapped and labeled, just waiting to be placed under the tree. That is until you realize that the kids want a gift that they have never mentioned before and you have no way of getting!


To avoid this situation, you can get the kids to write a letter to Santa at the beginning of December listing all the thing they might want that year. It’s a fun activity that will get you all in the spirit of the season, and it will also help that the little ones to know, that is the final list for that year. Something that will ensure you don’t get stumped by a random request a 7pm on December 24th.



You heating breaks down

Picture the scene, it’s snowing outside, friends and family arrive with food and gifts, ready to sit down to a delicious feast, but wait your heating is broken! That means you all sit in the cold, do your best not to shiver and keep the frostbite out of your toes, while you guests countdown the minutes until they can return to their own cozy domiciles! Not exactly what you had in mind is it?


That is why it’s vital to sort any heating repair issues way before the big day. In fact, it can be helpful to get your heating system serviced and repaired in September or October, well before the cold weather starts to set in.


You run out of wrapping paper

Realizing that you have exactly enough wrapping paper for a single present left isn’t good if you are only halfway through the pile. It’s even worst to run out of tape or gift cards, as then you can only complete the job halfway!



That is why it’s essential to always err on the side of more rather than less when it comes to wrapping paper. If you think you will use three rolls, buy six and so forth.


Although, if you hate this festive task you may be better off ditching the paper altogether and going for Christmas themed gift bags and boxes instead. They are much less work and still make your gift look fantastic for the person that has the pleasure of opening it on Christmas morning.

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