The Chinese Connection: The Health Benefits of Asian Cuisine

We’re always being told how unhealthy the Western diet is. How it’s packed with saturated fats, salt and refined carbohydrates like sugar. Furthermore, a great many of us have become reliant on processed sugary or oily or salty (or all of the above) convenience foods due to our busy lifestyles and long working hours. But if the Western diet is so bad for us, how about we swing around to the other side of the globe to give the Eastern diet a try? Of course this doesn’t mean getting Chinese takeout every night. The homogenized and Western influenced foods you’ll find in most Chinese restaurants and take out establishments often contain far more saturated fats and refined carbohydrates than their traditional Asian counterparts.


Traditional Chinese foods and even healthy, Asian influenced take away foods like the stuff you’ll find at Lonas Lil Eats has some clear health benefits due to the ingredients and cooking methods that are inherently healthier than many of the foods we eat in the West. It’s not even a matter of alternative Chinese medicine, Western science corroborates the benefits…



The China Study

Dr. T Colin Campbell and his son co-authored The China Study in 2005 and it has proven one of the most comprehensive and influential books in the world of nutrition. If you have even a passing interest in the connection between diet and wellness, you’ve likely heard of it. It is backed by years and years of research and demonstrates that the traditional Chinese diet is nutritionally superior to the protein rich Western diet for not only weight loss and fitness but in preventing serious illnesses such as cancer. This is because…


Most Chinese food is plant based

If you pack your daily intake of fruit and veggies into a smoothie to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of vitamins and minerals, you may find this much easier by switching to a Chinese diet. Traditionally, most Chinese people have not had much assess to meat and fish so the majority of Chinese food relies on plant based nutrition,. The recent boom in veganism has demonstrated that there are no nutrients you can get from animal foods that aren’t abundantly available in plants (minus the saturated fats abundant in meat heavy diets). While some Chinese dishes may incorporate a little meat of fish, veggies, tofu and rice are almost always the key ingredients.


Chinese food uses healthy herbs and spices

Chinese food is a flavorsome and delicious cuisine because it uses specific blends of herbs and spices. Not only do these provide great flavor, they also have their own health benefits. Chilli has known thermogenic qualities, ginger has been proven to ease everything from muscle pain to morning sickness, garlic is a known antifungal and is known to reduce cholesterol and can even reduce your risk of cancer.


If you love sampling other cultures through your palate and want to eat your way to good health, you could do much worse than to try eating the Chinese way for a few nights a week to see if you can reap the health benefits.


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