Are There Health Benefits of Vaping?

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes and vape pens means more and more people are switching to vaping rather than smoking, and it seems switching to vaping could be a much healthier way to get your nicotine hit or even wean yourself off nicotine altogether.


Indeed, vaping is known as a highly effective way to wean yourself off of cigarettes and quit smoking.  A recent study found of the 2.5 million e-cigarette users in the United Kingdom, more than one million have stopped smoking altogether as a result of shifting from cigarettes to vapes.


With so many interesting options such as CBD dabs there’s a lot to get your head around when it comes to vaping, so here’s a little background information on why it might be less harmful than smoking cigarettes.



Vape pens and e-cigarettes use e-liquids that consist of four elements:

  1. vegetable glycerin
  2. propylene glycol
  3. food-grade flavors
  4. Nicotine


Did you know that not all vapes actually contain nicotine?  The consumer has more control over what goes into their body, when vaping rather than smoking cigarettes as they can pick a specific concentration of nicotine, which makes it a fantastic way to gradually decrease and wean yourself off nicotine altogether.


Whilst vaping isn’t promoted as something that is healthy, it is a lot less harmful than smoking, and therefore health authorities are encouraging people to make the switch; as unlike the vapor inhaled when vaping, cigarettes have elements such as tar, arsenic, ammonia, acetone, cyanide, carbon monoxide and several other toxins that are harmful to human health.


You might have noticed that governments around the world are making an effort to reduce the amount of people smoking cigarettes by featuring prominent photos that depict the horrendous health consequences of smoking in order to make people connect with the cause and effect of what they are doing to their bodies, and the damage these ingredients create.  The idea being that these ‘pain points’ will prevent people from smoking.


The other thing to consider, particularly if you have children, is that smoking cigarettes means your family are having to inhale all those toxic ingredients listed above, whereas with vaping, this won’t be the case as those ingredients aren’t there.


It also makes for a much more pleasant social experience, as vaping is tolerated more than smoking, and non-smokers will appreciate it as there’s nothing worse than having to breathe in someone else’s smoke as a result of being down wind from them.  Finally, the last thing to consider is that smoking damages your teeth, mouth and breath due to the ingredients within it whereas vaping will not.


In summary, smoking is dreadfully bad for you.


Nicotine itself is not great, but vaping is a LOT healthier than smoking cigarettes and can be a great way to quit smoking altogether.


In essence, switching to vaping rather than smoking is a great idea, but the best idea is to use vaping as a tool to gradually reduce and quit smoking altogether.


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