Healthy Alternatives

There’s two types of people in this generation. The ones who are obsessed with a healthy diet, fitness and just being healthy in general. Then you have the ones who would rather stick a microwavable meal in to cook, or order in if the microwave is too much effort. But the implications this will have in the future are huge. The people who are obsessed with having a healthy diet are definitely going to be a lot better off. But why do people hate cooking so much, and even worse, hate cooking healthy foods? There’s no reason to. Cooking healthy is easy, and it can taste great if you still use the foods you like. If you’re looking for a few healthy alternatives to some of the rubbish we eat, take a read on.




Chips are a firm favourite with a lot of people. They complement a range of different meals, from a lovely steak dinner, to your standard chips beans and chicken nuggets Friday can’t be bothered meal. But oven chips do have a high fat content, although some companies are trying to reduce them. Homemade fried chips are even worse. The oil they retain is nasty, and will clog up your arteries in no time. Thankfully, there is a solution. Air fryers are changing the way people cook chips up and down the country, reviews of which can be found here, All you have to do is slice some potato into the chip style you want, put in one squirt of low fat frying oil, and put the potatoes in to cook. They taste so good, and are such a low fat healthy alternative whilst still getting the same great chip taste everyone loves. If you have kids, it’ll be so much better bringing them up on air fried chips.



Fry Up

One of the nation’s favourite meals, the famous full english breakfast. As good as it tastes, it’s also full of saturated fats and grease. Homemade ones are nowhere near as bad as the ones you’d get from your trucker’s cafe, but they’re still full of those fats that are just no good for you. To reduce the overall fat intake, start by poaching the eggs rather than frying them. They taste just as good, but you don’t have that grease covered egg from the frying pan. Next is the bacon. Grilling it is so much better for you than frying as well. Frying cooks the bacon in it’s own juices and fats. Yes, it’s tasty, and yes, it’s bad for you. Grilling lets the fats and juices drip down, leaving the bacon much cleaner. The mushrooms you will have to cook in the frying pan, but use coconut oil to do them rather than normal oil, it’ll help to keep the fat levels down. Make sure you don’t mix butter and cheese in with the beans, and try and go for the ones with the lowest sugar levels. Although beans are still really good for you either way.


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