Healthy Habits To Prevent Illness

New year, new me’ we hear you cry out of the window on the 1st of January. As soon as that clock strikes midnight on new years eve, it feels as if there is a shift inside us which lets go of Christmas and comes back with a newfound confidence to succeed. This usually lasts about 2 weeks before we sink into our old habits once again.


However, rather than sinking back, why don’t we take 2018 as the year of success? Let’s get our heads together have a think about exactly what we can be doing this year to stay on track, keep healthy and make sure we are happy. It doesn’t have to be a resolution as such, just a habit.



Eat well

The main thing we all need after the festive season is the start putting better foods into our bodies. Gone are the nights sat in front of the TV eating chocolate, and instead we should be trying to eat a balanced, healthy diet to keep our body functioning right. If you love to cook, start experimenting with fun ideas… and if you don’t cook, learn!

Check cholesterol

This is something you may never have thought of having checked before, but it can be a real wake up call and exactly what you need to get off your bum and do some work. By knowing your cholesterol level, your doctor will be able to advise you on how to reduce it, and in turn you will reduce your blood pressure and risk of heart disease. It’s a win-win.


Although a BMI can vary depending on your muscle mass, it is a great starting point if you want to see how healthy you are in general. The body mass index measures the relationship between your height and weight to see if you are within a healthy weight range. Ideally your BMI should be somewhere around 20. Check a BMI calculator to see where you fall.

Get moving

Many people have this way of thinking that exercise is only to be done at the gym, but this isn’t true at all. Before the days of the gym, people kept fit by going outside and running or playing sports. If you hate the gym, find a game or sport you love instead and do that! Exercise does not need to be a chore if you do it right.


Sleep well

Sleep is the single most important bodily function, and too many of us neglect it. Sleep helps to flush toxins out of the body, restore muscles and help keep our immune system strong. By making sure we get enough sleep we can feel more energetic, happy and less stressed. If you struggle sleeping try using a meditation app or making sure you don’t eat within 3 hours of going to bed.

Health screenings

Don’t take health screenings for granted! It could be that you need to regularly go for a smear test with a gynecologist like DR CHEE JING JYE, or you could need to have a regular eye test to see if you need glasses. If you don’t go to the screenings recommended for you, you could run the risk of missing a serious illness.


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